The Best Beard Styles to Transform Any Man Into a Modern Gentleman


According to Market Watch, considerable growth is expected in the beard grooming industry between 2021 and 2026. This is good news for the modern gentleman who loves his beard. With all the new products that are coming into the market, all types of beard styles are possible.

If you want to have the best and most appealing beard, keep reading.

What is the Best Beard for the Modern Gentleman?

The modern gentleman is all about style and luxury. If he chooses to grow a beard, it is a reflection of him, his life, and his values. Because of this, there are many beard styles to suit different men.

If you’re not sure what beard you should grow, first think about what is important to you. Are you a businessman who lives in a suit and tie or are you the outdoorsy type that likes to get his hands dirty? The best beard for you reflects your lifestyle.

Stubble Beards

A stubble beard is easy to grow and gives you a sense of how a full beard would look on you. You can easily run an electric shaver over it to keep it neat and it is a look that suits most men.

A stubbly beard is masculine but doesn’t suggest age. If you have some grey hair in your beard that you don’t want to show off, stubble makes greys less noticeable. Stubble can also hides scars and other imperfections.

The Scruffy Beard

If you’re a low-maintenance kind of man that likes to keep it simple, the scruffy beard will suit your lifestyle. Once you’ve let it grow for a couple of weeks, you just have to trim it from time to time and keep it healthy.

The Wolverine Beard

Men that love nature and are a little wild themselves will suit this beard style well. Like the scruffy beard, it’s low maintenance. The difference is that there’s no trimming or tidying up to do.

Let the facial hair grow on your neck and cheeks. Give the sideburns free rein.

Short Beards

If you need to keep it professional and your new beard must not stand out at a business meeting, it’s best to keep it short.

If the stubble beard is too casual for your tastes try the box beard. It’s shorter than the bushy beard and more structured with a defined neckline. You can use a razor or trimmer to make the line perfect.

The circle beard has rounder lines that surround the mouth and come together at the chin. You can keep the neck and cheeks smoothly shaved or with light stubble. If you have a steady razor hand, try this one!

Another trendy short beard style is the anchor. It is shaped exactly as it sounds with your mustache forming the top of the anchor and the hair under the mouth and on the chin forming the curved parts.

Study Grooming Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Beards aren’t just about growing and showing! The best gentleman tips will always advise you to find the right products for grooming. The grooming information you use depends on the style you choose.

Life is a learning journey for the modern gentleman. Click here to pick up more lifestyle tips for beard enthusiasts on our site!

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