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A Modern Manual


The Gentleman’s Journal is a modern manual offering grooming advice, lifestyle tips and place to sharpen his intellect. Thus making the modern gentleman a well rounded individual. Enjoy our reads, but first grab your favourite cognac and light the ‘perfecto’ cigar and sit back & relax.

Home Decor Tips for the Modern Man

Home Decor Tips for the Modern Man

You might think that men are not very interested in interior design, however, 75% of the Interior Design Hall of Fame members have been mailed over the past 30 years. Men do have an interest in home decor and decorating. Men who want to create a pleasing home are not...

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Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs to Own

Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs to Own

Did you know that during the times of Alexander the Great, any beard longer than a five-o-clock shadow was forbidden? This was to prevent the enemy from having something to hold on to. Modern man must be glad that is not a rule anymore! Beards and a good beard...

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Grooming Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Grooming Tips for the Modern Gentleman

The right approach to grooming can revolutionize the way that people look at you. Studies have found that women prefer men with precisely groomed facial hair. Of course, there are a variety of styles that the modern gentleman can apply to himself. Once you have found...

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Essential Skincare Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Essential Skincare Tips for the Modern Gentleman

In the past, most men would be unlikely to admit that they actively take care of their skin. But as attitudes around male grooming products have shifted positively over the last decade, most well-to-do men can admit to themselves that they need to take care of their...

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The Modern Gentleman is an award-winning luxury company. The Modern Gentleman’s mission is to create a lifestyle brand inspiring men to become better men, through education and staying well-groomed. And soon introducing other aspects of becoming a gentleman through clothing, events, and hospitality.

The Modern Gentleman aims to create a space where each person can learn, grow, and aspire to become their best self.

“The Greatest Act Of Rebellion Today Is Being A True Gentleman.”

"A Gentleman Is One Who Puts More Into The World Than He Takes Out."

- George Bernard Shaw

"Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners"

- Tom Ford

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We want to encourage men to talk about any issues they may be facing including daily struggles, drinking problems, relationship issues, mental health or to just come and listen and talk about life in general with a group of peers.
That’s why we created the TMG Mental Health & Wellbeing Facebook group to create a safe space to talk about these things and spread some positivity!
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