#MonkeyTailBeard. Photo Credit – Instagram

Is #MonekyTailBeard the trend of 2021?

During this pandemic haircuts and beard trimmings have taken a backseat with many avoiding visiting the barbers and instead opting for their own DIY tricks.

Now it appears a new trend has emerged and is taking the internet by storm, in which men are trimming their beards in the shape of a monkey’s tail.

To get this look it requires the beard and mustache to be shaped into a long tail-like shape that starts at one side of the sideburn, runs down the jawline, along the chin, and then curls up around the side of the mouth, and ends above the top lip.

This trend first started back in September 2019 when American baseball player Mike Fiers showed off his new monkey tail beard on the field during a match. It was later revealed by him that it was done so to make his teammates laugh.

However, since then, the style has taken popularity on social media. Men that have taken to this trend have put their own style to it, have a look at the images of the different styles.

While some have taken to the trend others are not so keen on this style.

One Twitter user stated ‘Monkey tail beards will 100% protect against unwanted pregnancies.’



While this trend is a bit banana, in the end, it’s just some harmless fun – so monkey around your heart contents!

Is this a trend you will be experimenting around with? Send us pictures of your #mokeytail beard if you are!



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