Home Decor Tips for the Modern Man

the modern gentleman home decor design

You might think that men are not very interested in interior design, however, 75% of the Interior Design Hall of Fame members have been mailed over the past 30 years. Men do have an interest in home decor and decorating.

Men who want to create a pleasing home are not the rarity. If you would like home decor tips on how to create your personal touch on your manly apartment or house keep reading.

Use Consistent Colors to Create a Masculine Style

If you want to create a masculine look, one of the best home decor tips is to be consistent in your colors.

When you wear a suit, your jacket matches your pants. Your shirt is a different color, but you coordinate it with the overall look. There is one dominating color.

In an apartment or a house, you will also want to coordinate your colors. Use one main color with small touches of color to keep it bright. This consistent feel will keep it simple and manly.

Dark Colors for the Modern Gentleman

Masculinity in home decor is more about the feel, rather than specific qualities. Dark colors like black, gray, or brown can create a masculine feel.

Mixing dark colors with the right lighting can set a very masculine mood.
In the kitchen, use lighting under the cabinets. In the living room, use lamps to bring attention to certain areas of the room.

Use Textures

The modern gentleman will find a sense of style using textures. Raw textures create an imperfect look that comes across as casual, yet put together. You can create this textured look using concrete, steel, stone, and wood.

Combine different textures to add strength and character to your masculine style. A sense of minimalism can be very manly.

Use Contrasting Elements

You don’t need to keep everything matched perfectly to build a beautiful and masculine style. Use elements that add a punch of style, the way you would add a unique tie to the formal suit and shirt you wear for a business meeting.

Good interior design is intentional. A stained wood door set in a grey concrete background can work better than a door that matches the room. Color and a change of element, like wood in concrete, create focal points.

Don’t go over the top. Go for debonair instead of gaudy. Understated colors can have just as much impact as vibrant colors.

Use Scent

One of the ways you can add a personal touch to your home is by using scent. Scented candles are a great way to do this. Find a signature scent that always reminds people of you.

The Best Home Decor Tips Include Personal Style

The most useful home decor tips help you create masculine decor that implements your personal style. Don't try to be someone else. If you don't like nature, don't use wood.

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