Epsiode 2 - Why You Need To Be H.I.T

Our second episode on the Two Bold Gentleman talks about Marc Rowley and his business H.I.T Leadership. We talk about what H.I.T stands for, the values and what's it about and ultimately how H.I.T leadership can help you and your business to achieve more growth!

To find out more about H.I.T Leadership visit the website here.

Apologies in the advance the quality of this one wasn't the best partly due to the internet connection while we was recording. Not to fret however, we've managed to improve it for the next one!

An introduction to the Two Bold Gentlemen Podcast

Our first podcast episode is now up!

Episode 1 introduces our aims and goals with this podcast series. We aim to inspire gentlemen to become a better version of themselves, including ourselves along the way too!

This podcast series is a collaboration between The Modern Gentleman and H.I.T Leadership and we're excited to launch our first episode!