Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs to Own

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Did you know that during the times of Alexander the Great, any beard longer than a five-o-clock shadow was forbidden? This was to prevent the enemy from having something to hold on to. Modern man must be glad that is not a rule anymore!

Beards and a good beard grooming kit are not the only things essential for the modern man. If you’re looking for modern gentleman tips for essential must-haves, keep reading.

A Passport

Today’s modern man needs to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice, sometimes going out of the country. It could be for business or a vacation with a beautiful woman. Without a passport you could be missing out.

A Quality Weekend Bag

It would be embarrassing to show up at the boss’s country estate with a bag that looks like it had been to war. Invest in a sturdy and nice-looking weekend bag to hold all the essentials you may need for a weekend getaway.

A High-Quality Watch

Although many people use their phones to see the time, there’s nothing quite as classy as a high-quality watch. It becomes part of your style and it shows others that you aren’t all about your phone.

Stick with classic brand names like Seiko or, if you can afford it, a Rolex. Your watch isn’t just an accessory. It speaks volumes about you.

A Book Collection

There is nothing that will impress a woman or even other men faster than the impression that you are smart. If you want to show off your intellect in a classy way, build a book collection that displays classic literature.

You get bonus points if you can find first editions.

A Good Suit

Even if you don’t work in the business field, you should still have a good suit. Get it tailored so it fits perfectly. When you have a fundraising event, wedding, or other special occasions to attend, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Dark Blue Jeans

When you need to look nice but casual, nothing works better than a pair of crisp, dark, blue jeans. Shop around for the pair that fits you like a glove – not too tight, but not baggy.

Wash them carefully because they’ll fade fast if you aren’t careful. Use cold water and never put them in the dryer!

A Grooming Kit

Manscaping is normal these days. If you expect a woman you are dating to be nicely groomed, you should give her the courtesy of doing the same. A quality manscaping kit is a perfect thing to keep on top of your appearance.

Modern Man Can Get More With Essentials

If you want to get more out of life, make sure you have these essentials. People will treat you more seriously and give you respect. And yes, women will notice you more!

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