How To Remove Blackheads


Before we breakdown how to get rid of blackheads, let’s clear up exactly what they are. Throughout the day your pores get clogged up with oil and dead skin cells, which results in 2 things – either a blackhead or a whitehead.


Whiteheads are the poppable kind, it occurs when skin thinly encloses the pore and traps the debris. These can easily be identified and popped to get rid off which generally tends to be messy. But make sure that it’s done in the right way.


Blackheads – the other kind, are embedded in the skin. The colour that’s created is caused by exposed comedones, which is a mass of oil and dead skin that turns dark when exposed to oxygen (that’s due to the melanin in the dead skin cells). Blackheads typically occur mostly on the nose, as that’s the area that the pours are the largest than any other part of the face.


How to remove blackheads – these are less obvious than the pimples or whiteheads but normally a lot messy to remove. To keep blackheads at bay and to remove them a good grooming regime will help, and it will help to maintain healthy skin. The Modern Gentleman has a 4 step grooming routine to remove these blackheads and to prevent them as well:


 1. Use a cleanser with salicylic acid – instead of using a physical exfoliator replace it for a salicylic acid cleanser. So in the former, you would be scrubbing away dead skin cells, the acid dissolves them, including the ones clogged into the pores. If you don’t have a cleanser with salicylic acid then we suggest using one that has natural ingredients. The Modern Gentleman Recommends: VitaMan Face Scrub (100ml)


2. Moisturise daily – Twice! Using an SPF packed, nutrient rich-moisturiser will keep skin cells nourished and prevents pores from enlarging when exposed to the sun. Moisturising regularly will keep skin firmer longer, pores smaller and create a thin protective barrier to prevent grim and environmental germs residing in pores. Moisturise once in the morning and again at night, although the night one doesn’t need to contain SPF. The Modern Gentleman Recommends: VitaMan Face Moisturiser (100ml)


3. Tretinoin before bedretinoids are regarded by skincare experts as the best way to tighten pores, prevent acne, reverse signs of ageing and sun exposure. It will help restore your cycle for a tighter, firmer, blemish-free skinny and get rid of blackheads. Seek low-level concentration of retinol products, if you need a higher dosage than speak to a dermatologist.


4. Weekly face mask  the vacuum cleaners of skincare, they exfoliate excess gunk from your face. Only do once a week as to not remove good oils from your skin. Use after cleanings and before a shower. Follow the instructions of the face mask, but generally leave on for 10-15 mins. The Modern Gentleman Recommends: VitaMan Face Mud Masque (100ml)

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