5 Grooming Tips for The Modern Gentleman


The men’s grooming industry has been growing massively since 2012. With millions of different grooming products now out there for men, it’s more confusing than ever to figure out what to use and what not to use. To help you with the basics, here are the top 5 grooming tips all men need:


1. Have a skincare routine:


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Skincare routines are not just for women, men’s skin needs care and grooming too. The first grooming tip is to start by picking the right face wash for your skin and make it a rule to deeply cleanse your face and scrub. We recommend deep scrubs once a week, our skin absorbs pollution and dirt so it’s important to cleanse and tone daily, and scrub weekly. For oily skin, you can increase the number of times you can exfoliate. There are many face scrubs available online which remove the build-up of dead skin and leave you with fresher, brighter, clearer skin. To keep the skin moisturized and nourished, use a skin moisturizer. Again, you can choose from a variety of face moisturizers depending on your skin type. Once a week, you can also deep cleanse your face with a face mask like this one, which removes toxins and gives your face a healthy glow.


It is also important that you do not overlook fine lines and signs of ageing. Use an anti-ageing cream or wrinkle smoother serum to keep those at bay. Lastly, to keep those dark circles and chapped lips away, use gels and creams which hydrate your lips and under eyes.


2. Beard Care:


Bearded man


Beard and moustaches might look like they do not need maintenance, but they actually do need a lot of grooming. The skin under your beard tends to become flaky and dry and can go unnoticed. To avoid this, all men should follow a beard care routine. Beard oilsand beard balms not only moisturize the skin underneath; but also help to tame your beard and keep it soft.

For shaving a beard, apply shave oil to make the beard soft and easy to shave before actually starting to shave. Use a shaving cream that helps you with a comfortable and smooth shave.


3. Hair Care:


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Hair thinning is one of the most common problems experienced by men. But if you pick the right products, this might be avoided. Thus, having a hair care routine is a must for all men. Use a shampooright for your scalp and make sure to deep condition your hair from time to time. Conditioning helps to moisturize your hair and keep it soft and silky. To get thick and fuller hair, you can also use this Nutrient Complex that will help to improve hair growth and reduce shedding.

To get the perfect slick and styled hair, use grease and clay pomades that are made of natural extracts and can last the entire day.


  1. Don’t skip the sunblock:


Man Tanning Using Sun Block Body Cream On Summer Beach


Overexposure to the sun can cause dark spots, damaged skin, and skin cancer. Skipping sunblock or sunscreen lotions can be extremely damaging for all men, and generally everyone. Even on a cloudy day, you need to apply sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful rays. Use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 (at least).


  1. Don’t forget your feet:


Foot Scrub yourself

Feet are the most prone body parts to infections and that’s why it is very important for all men to keep them clean and tidy. Give your feet enough time to breathe outside the shoes and socks. Use foot creams and powders to keep them clean and infection-free and use a body scrub to exfoliate them and get rid of the dead skin cells and dirt at least once a week.

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