The perfect gift guide for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s day just around the corner, its time to start thinking of gifts for your partner. With roses and chocolates being such a passé, and thousands of other options available, it’s harder than ever to decide how to make your partner feel special on V-day.

To make things easier, here’s a definitive Valentine’s day gift guide for Valentines to make sure you do your partner’s heart good!


  1. Keep it practical:

The best valentine’s day gift for your partner is sure to be something they could use in their daily lives. There’s nothing better than being gifted something you had been postponing for a long time. You can get them retractable charging cords, loungers, wine markers, yoga mats, or perhaps the Marvis Karakum Wonders of the World Collection Limited Edition for your fancy man.

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  1. Experiences:

Give your partner an experience of a lifetime! Gifting experiences are in trend for a reason, and they make for a great valentine’s day gift. Take them to that spa or city tour that they always wanted to go to. Book a sky diving adventure for two for the adrenalin junkie in your life or set up a private movie experience in your backyard for your movie buff partner. We bet this will be the best valentine’s day gift they had ever received.

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  1. Subscriptions and Gift Cards:

If you don’t want to go for the mundane valentine’s day gifts like perfumes, roses, etc., and have no clue of what your partner might like, this is the best gift option for you. Gift them an annual subscription of that magazine they’d love to read or a box full of books that would delight them.

Also, gift cards make for the best valentine’s day gifts for the practical ones. If you’re out of Valentine’s day gift ideas, this is a safe option for you.

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  1. Self Care:

Let them know you care about them in the most special way. This valentine’s day gift them self care products this V-day. Gift her a self-care package, scented candles or spa kit. There are tons of unique option available online for the gentleman in your life too, like the Agua de Colonia Barberia Facial Moisturiser, VitaMan Leave in Moisturiser or the Apothecary 87 Beard Oil.

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  1. Personalized:

If everything else fails, this might be the best Valentine’s day gift idea for you! Get your creative juices flowing and make your partner feel extra special on this valentines day with some personalized DIY cards and gifts. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to get your hands dirty in DIY, you can choose to personalize gifts online. Get them a custom engraved watch box, engraved silver pocket watch or a personalized bracelet or necklace.

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