What is Beard Oil and What Does it Do?

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Beard oil is one of the essential items bearded men require to ensure they look modern and attractive rather than run down and unkempt. Are you really a man if you don’t have a beard in 2018? We jest, of course you are, but there’s no denying that beards continue to be all the rage right now. Men want to grow the best beards and women want to run their fingers through them. 

In the past, beards have had the reputation of being a sign of laziness, a man that can’t take care of himself. However, beards are not easy to grow and maintain and the truth is, they require a lot of maintenance. Beard oil is one of the tools required in the modern man’s grooming kit that will transform a beard, but what is it?

Healthy Skin and Hair

Sweet Almond Oil, first extraction, in a small glass jar, dry al

Beard oil is generally a carrier oil and an essential oil, sometimes mixed with additional vitamins. Carrier oils are the main ingredient, usually made from nuts or seeds such as sweet almond, grapeseed or jojoba. This is a natural ingredient that will help to moisturise the skin beneath your beard along with the hair itself. 

Added to the carrier oil is one or more essential oils. The essential oils are often extremely potent and can cause irritations if used undiluted on the skin or hair, which is why a carrier oil is required. The more essential oils included in your chosen beard oil, the more expensive it will be. Essential oils have different scents but may also contribute naturally benefiting remedies, such as anti-septic.

Why Use Beard Oils?

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Beards left to go wild will not only give you a less than groomed look, they can be irritating. Bearded gentlemen often suffer with dry, itchy and even flaky skin benefit their facial hair. This is a natural result that comes with growing longer hair on the face as more sebum oil is required to keep everything moisturised and nourished.

The skin struggles to keep up the required amount of sebum oil creation as the amount produced doesn’t increase to stay in line with the length of the hair. This is the main reason men choose to use beard oil, to avoid the dreaded itch.

Flakes in the Beard

Another downside of growing out a majestic beard is ‘beardruff’, basically dandruff of the beard. As your skin and hair dries out, and you itch, flakes of skin will fall off the skin, into the hair and onto your clothing. It’s not a great look but it is one that can be avoided with the addition of beard oil to your daily routine.

Beard Oil to the Rescue

Beard Oil Vanilla and Mango 50ml 2

The magic combination of the carrier oil with essential oils and vitamins will solve numerous problems with your beard. You’ll find the urge to itch declines, leaving you with a more comfortable face that is free from ‘beardruff’. Your hair will become smoother, tangle free and less straw like in appearance. After even the very first application, your facial hair will look healthier and glossy.  In a short period of time it will improve the general appearance but also help to reduce split ends, making it easier to maintain.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Fed up of having an inferior beard? Bring out it’s natural beauty with the daily application of a quality beard oil. Always read the instruction on your chosen beard oil, but in general, add a drop or two of oil into the palm of your hand and apply to the base of your hair follicles working out towards the ends. That’s it!

Don’t use too much, a little goes a very long way. Once applied, use a beard comb to gently distribute the oil throughout and to style. A whole new world of male grooming lies before you sir, enjoy it!

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