5 Essential Shoes Every Man Should Have In Their Closet


The average man owns 7–12 pairs of shoes, depending on his lifestyle. But if you ask us, there are only five essential shoes every gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

And we aren't talking about shoes you wear once before letting them collect dust. We're talking about the kinds of shoes you can buy once in a lifetime because they will last forever and never go out of style.

1. A Classic Pair of Oxfords

Oxfords are the go-to smart shoes of choice for formal outings. The right pair of Oxfords can also double as business casual work shoes. It all depends on the style you choose.

Cap-toed Oxfords are casual yet cool, perfect for the modern office. Go for a pair of plain-toed Oxfords if you spend less time in the office and more time in luxury tuxedos and formal wear.

2. Dress Sneakers for the Office — and Beyond

Dress sneakers are relatively new to mens' wardrobes. Yet, they have quickly become a staple for elevated street attire and casual office environments.

But what is a dress sneaker? These premium shoes are flat-soled and made of suede or leather. Some have laces, while others are meant to be slipped on.

Dress sneakers are stylish yet extremely comfortable. That makes them the perfect shoe to throw into your carry-on when you're travelling.

3. A Versatile Loafer

Of all the essential shoes a man can have, loafers are perhaps the most versatile. You can easily dress them up with a pair of khakis, a button-down shirt, and a lightweight blazer.

Loafers are just as easy to dress down. Style them with-light wash jeans and a crisp white T-shirt for a daytime look. Or throw on your loafers with black jeans and a matching polo for a date night outfit that exudes gentlemanly class.

4. Boots That Suit Your Lifestyle

When the temperatures start to drop, switch out your loafers and Oxfords for boots. Depending on your lifestyle, you have a few options to choose from.

Chukka boots consist of leather or suede uppers, open lacing, and rubber soles. They are ideal for rainy days and can be dressed up or down.

Chelsea boots are the better option for formal attire. They feature sleek ankle-high shafts with an elastic side panel for a close fit and easy on-and-off.

5. Functional Trainers for Staying Active

Staying active is crucial for keeping your brain and body in tip-top shape. And you need a pair of men's shoes that will get you through however you choose to stay fit. Enter the functional trainer.

A good pair of trainers should offer support and enhance your performance. But they can be stylish, too. The more stylish, the better, in fact, because your trainers can do double-duty as casual weekend shoes.

These Are the Essential Shoes Every Gentleman Should Own

These five essential shoes for men can get you through every event and activity life throws your way. And as every modern gentleman knows, it's important to always be prepared.

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