Beard Care For The Modern Gentleman: The Best Tips for Maintaining a Lustrous Beard


While fashions and trends may come and go, beard care has been a part of every man's life since before the dawn of recorded history. Archaeological evidence suggests that as early as 30,000 BCE, early man used seashells and flint blades to trim, shave, and otherwise groom his facial hair. It's one of the few experiences that all people of all eras seem to have in common.

Modern man doesn't have to make do with such crude implements. Yet all too often you'll see some sloppy fellow with a rough, unkempt beard.

If you want to avoid being one of these scruffy-looking scoundrels, commit these key beard maintenance tenets to memory.

1. Wash Your Beard Often

The first beard maintenance mistake a man will make is not keeping it clean. The mere act of breathing can contaminate your beard with droplets from your nose or mouth, turning your face into a veritable jungle of bacteria. And that's to say nothing of men who let food and drink accumulate in their beards or moustaches.

Experts disagree on how often we should wash. Some will say beards should be washed with the same frequency as the hair on our heads. Others will say as often as twice per day.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. If you don't often work up a sweat and are a tidy diner, you may forgo daily washes. But if you're of an athletic persuasion or keep a bushy beard that can get in the way of your mouth, you should wash more often.

2. Trim Regularly to Maintain Proper Shape

Another common mistake men may make is allowing their beards to grow unchecked. They may believe it will make them look more rugged. In reality, it looks adolescent and sloppy.

Even if you're growing a beard out, you'll need to commit to routine beard trimming to keep it looking neat.

Electric trimmers are ubiquitous and easy to use. Set the trimmer to the desired length and start from the middle of your beard, working your way outward to avoid an uneven trim. Clip stray hairs with scissors, and then comb the beard into shape.

3. Invest in Quality Grooming Tools

Facial hair tends to be much coarser and more unruly than the rest of our hair. Left to its own devices, it will tangle and knot into an unsightly mess.

Routine trimming may help keep it in line. But between trims, you need daily brushing or combing to keep it looking orderly.

4. Use a Beard Balm or Oil

Caring for your beard properly requires specialized care products.

Chief among these is a quality beard oil or balm. The solutions are formulated to meet the specific care needs of facial harm. Not only do they help tame and soften the hair, but they promote healthy growth and can soothe the irritation that may come with wearing a full beard.

Never Neglect the Beard

If you wear facial hair, beard care needs to be a part of your daily routine. Far too many men grow out a few shabby bristles and call it a day.

You wouldn't be so lackadaisical with any other aspect of your appearance. So why would you be so about your beard?

As with every other aspect of personal grooming, opting for the right tools makes a world of difference. To ensure that you care for your beard the right way each day, peruse our selection of premium grooming products to find the right kit for the look you want.

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