The Benefits of Beard Oil for Men


If you want to flaunt a majestic beard, you'll have to make time to wash it at least twice a day. It's also a good idea to trim the ends now and then to prevent frizz.

Adding all these tasks to your already-busy schedule is enough to make you want to shave it all off. But there's another way: beard oil.

This liquid gold keeps your facial hair soft, shiny, and healthy by adding moisture. It's the perfect solution for guys who don't have time (or patience) for extra grooming steps.

If your beard has been feeling coarser than usual, here are a few reasons to give beard oil a try.

Tamed Hair

Dealing with tangled, dry locks turns your beard maintenance ritual into a nightmare. Give your rugged facial hair a much-needed boost by treating it to some luxurious beard oil. Your beard will get the moisture it needs without the weight.

It'll be easier to remove knots and maintain your beard's shape, now that frizz has officially been cancelled.

Softens Your Beard

When the weather hits extreme temperatures, your beard goes from suave to savage. This conditioning concoction will keep your beard smooth and velvety, even during the wildest climate.

Healthier Strands

Essential oils are nature's hair remedies. They're sourced from plants, fruits, and other organic goodies. They've been taming tresses for aeons and you can have the same benefits for your beard.

The right oils will hydrate and repair the hair shaft, giving it a healthy glow and preventing breakage. Some of the best essential oils for beards include:

  • Jojoba oil (a natural conditioner)

  • Argan oil (frizz reduction)

  • Cedarwood (antibacterial)

If you can get your hands on any combination of these oils, it's sure to be a win. Just make sure they're organic. Authentic oils make your hair more manageable in less time.

Less Itch

Beard oil helps soothe irritation caused by trimming and domesticating your unruly facial hair. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin, as many bearded men do.

Moisturised Skin

Beard oil can help restore the moisture your skin loses while you're shaving. Keep your dermis hydrated so you won't have to deal with unsightly razor bumps.

Smells Great

Those essential oils from earlier lend a hand when it comes to scent, too. Vanilla and sandalwood are popular choices, providing a great balance of musk and sweetness. Other oils, like cedarwood and clary sage, are more earthy.

Try the Beard Oil That Delivers

A great beard oil brings you three huge advantages: quenched hair, supple skin, and a scent that screams "Alpha Male." With our Apothecary 87 Beard Oil, your beard game can be so strong that women want to jump you.

Our top-secret fusion of nature's finest oils will give your skin the hydration it craves while leaving your beard feeling silky-smooth. Include Apothecary 87 in your grooming arsenal and finally rock that epic man mane you've been dreaming of.

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