4 Tips for Dressing Like a Gentleman


Do you want your style to reflect your character as a gentleman?

It might be harder than you think. There are tons of different stores out there, each catering to a different kind of style.

But, we can help you look like the man you're trying to be. Read on for our top style tips for dressing like a gentleman.

1. Go To A Tailor

Making sure that your clothing fits to perfection are an important part of luxury modern gentleman style. Going to a tailor is an easy way to make it work. This is particularly useful for your suits when you're trying to get dressed for special occasions.

Correct-fitting clothing isn't just about width - it's also about height. Your pants should be hitting the correct part of your ankle. Too long or too short pants will look awkward and throw off your look. 

The same is true of your shirt sleeves. Ensure that they line up with your wrists correctly. 

But, tailoring isn't just for special occasions. It's an important part of your everyday styleas well. So, invest in your men's wardrobe.

2. Think About Your Shoes

You may not think so, but having the right shoes can take your style to the next level. You'll want to have a good pair of dress shoes for formal activities - after all, a pair that clashes or that look worn down can take your style down a few pegs.

You also need to ensure your shoes actually fit. You don't want to be stumbling around. You may have more narrow or wider feet, which could require specialty shoes. The same is true if you require orthotics. Just because you need accommodations, doesn't mean you can't still be a gentleman!

3. Add the Right Accessories

Accessorising isn't only for women. It can set your wardrobe apart. When you're dressing for special occasions, you'll want to consider your tie and cufflinks carefully. You might even want to switch to a bow tie instead.

If you're looking for leather accessories, like belts or shoes, you should ideally ensure that the leather matches. Either way, you should be shopping for high-quality leather products so they don't end up breaking apart.

4. Be Comfortable

It doesn't matter how nice the clothing you choose is, if you don't feel comfortable in them you'll look awkward in person. That's part of why it's helpful to try clothing on when you're shopping for a new wardrobe. 

And, you should also try out different outfits in the privacy of your own home. That way, you'll be able to put together outfits you feel comfortable going out on the town with.

Start Dressing like a Gentleman Today

It's not as hard as you might think to dress up like a gentleman. You just have to create a budget, commit, and start looking at your options.

Are you ready to start shopping? Check out what's new at the Modern Gentleman.

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