The Art of Shaving Like a Modern Gentleman


There are no two ways about it - the 2010s was the decade when the beard rose from the realms of lumberjacks and geography teachers to the upper echelons of city style. YouGov even surveyed the situation, finding that 42% of British men sported some kind of facial fuzz - but that statistic reveals something even more interesting.

58% of British men remain proudly clean-shaven. We may not have beard oils and special combs, but that doesn't mean we're happy hacking away with grandad's disposable Bic. The clean-shaven modern gentleman knows that shaving is an art, every bit as nuanced as beard maintenance.

Let's find out how to perfect the art of shaving for the ultimate, clean-cut look.

Shaving Kit for the Modern Gentleman

To achieve a shave worthy of a gentleman, you need to look to the past. There is simply no substitute for a luxury, badger hair shaving brush.

Badger hair is slightly stiff, allowing it to exfoliate as you gently work in the shaving cream. It also creates a beautiful lather and holds both heat and moisture extremely well. 

Next, you'll need shaving cream. This should have a balance of oils to allow the razor to glide effortlessly over the contours of your face. Also, invest in a quality after-shave balm (and no, we don't mean alcohol-based aftershave).

Finally, the razor. If you want a cut-throat shave, head to a modern gentleman's salon. At home, it's safety first, and there are few finer options than the Gillette Fusion range.

Grab yourself a modern gentleman's bag to take these essential items with you wherever you go. After all, shaving is an integral part of the modern gentleman's lifestyle.

The Art of Shaving

As with so much in life, preparation is everything.

Take a large facecloth or small hand towel and run it under hot water - as hot as you can bear. The goal is to soak the towel, wring it out, and apply it to your face while it is still hot.

This will help to moisten and soften your facial follicles, ready for depilation. For maximum effect, complete this step a couple of times.

Next, use your shaving brush to apply the shaving cream, using a swirling motion. You want to create a light, even covering of cream over your entire beard, lifting the hairs as you swirl. Primed and ready, you can now proceed to the razor.

Shaving Direction Matters

Always, and we mean always, shave with the grain. Use short, slow strokes to gently remove the hair, rinsing thoroughly between each stroke. 

When you come to your chin and neck, resist the urge to shave against the grain. Instead, create a little tension by gently pulling down on your skin until it's taut and then shaving with the grain. This will avoid developing razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Check your face in the mirror to ensure you've removed everything. Then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Time for Aftercare

An after-shave balm is designed to soothe any irritation caused during your shave. It rehydrates the skin, unlike aftershave, which can cause inflammation.

Beard Care for the Modern Gentleman

Shaving like a modern gentleman takes a little time and a few well-chosen items. But the results will be clear for all to see. You'll say goodbye to patchiness and redness and hello to smooth sophistication.

Check out our Beardcare range for more inspiration today.

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