5 Luxury Men's Grooming Products to Try in 2022


More than a third of men admit that they don't wash their faces every day. It seems that men are often far behind women when it comes to a daily grooming routine. 

But men's bodies and skin need as much care and attention. Often, they work in environments where they need to take even greater care. 

This article is here to give you five of the best luxury products to try. When used in a grooming routine, you will see a dramatic improvement in the health of your skin, hair and body. Read on to find out more!

1. Suave Skincare

Using luxury products for your skincare is the secret to having clear, healthy skin. Taking care of your skin will protect it from sun damage and from the effects of ageing. 

Using men's products, like the VitaMan Skin Protector Serum is a great way to moisturise skin. This product has an amazing combination of ingredients selected for men's skin. 

This product has 97% natural ingredients. Many of them are also certified organic.

2. A Great Hair Day

Keeping your hair thick and healthy will make you look younger and full of vitality. Using a leave-in conditioner has many benefits. This includes added damage protection and moisturisation.

Conditioners with natural ingredients help prevent dry hair and keep your scalp itch-free.

If you want to boost your hair's health, then try the VitaMan Leave in Moisturiser. This conditioner is ideal for coloured, dry or sun-damaged hair. It features a combination of quality oils and aloe vera for a protein-rich formula.

3. Best Beard in Town

Many men neglect their facial hair when it comes to personal grooming. But unkept beard hair can be as uncomfortable as it is unsightly.

Using a Proraso Beard Oil will help tame, soften and thicken your beard. It will help to keep the roots healthy and prevents dryness. There are a variety of different scents available, and only a few drops will transform your beard.

4. Essential Bodycare

Using a scrub can help the skin to regenerate and stay looking young and plump. Hands are often forgotten about when it comes to body care, so make sure you take the time to nurture them. 

Try using this gentle hand scrub by Yard ETC, which has several different scents in the range. It's made from high-quality, natural ingredients helping to soothe and moisturise skin. It can also have a tightening effect, to reduce the effects of ageing.

5. Smile Power

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, your smile is the best place to start. Getting your brightest smile has never been easier than with Marvis toothpaste. 

This luxury toothpaste has many different flavours, including the classic aquatic mint taste.

Marvis toothpaste is great for heavy smokers, as well as coffee and tea drinkers. It will help keep teeth white and stain-free.

Try the Best Luxury Grooming Products

In this day and age, it is important to inject a little luxury into your daily grooming. Try these products so that your self-care routine matches your charming personality. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world with style!

The Modern Gentleman are proud retailers of the highest quality luxury grooming products. We have a wide range of items suitable for gentlemen of all calibres. We want you to look and feel as suave and sophisticated as possible. 

Check out our newest products section for a great selection of men's products for your body and home. 

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