A Man's Guide to Living a Maintainable Healthy Lifestyle


Living a maintainable healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. You may know all the right things to do but unless you’re in the habit of doing them regularly they’re no use to you. In today's busy life, it’s important to adopt lifestyle changes you can maintain.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about making the right choices, take a look at some important health choices for men’s lifestyle.

Visit Your Doctor

It’s important to get into the habit of visiting your doctor regularly in your 20s and 30s so you do it naturally as you get older. Regular health checks can help your doctor to spot any underlying issues or symptoms before they become a problem. Your doctor is the best person to recommend health and lifestyle changes that are uniquely suited to you.

Once you reach your 40s, you should be seeing your doctor at least once a year for a full health check-up.

Clean Eating

Every man needs a good dose of vitamins and nutrients every day just to be able to do a full day’s work. If you’re heading to the gym every day, you’ll need extra nutrients and protein for additional energy. To maintain a well-balanced diet, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and avoid foods high in fat and sugar.

It’s also wise to avoid drinking too much caffeine and replace warm drinks with green or herbal teas. 

Luxury Grooming

How we look often has a direct impact on how we feel. A gentleman should always have a selection of luxury grooming products at his disposal. Whether it’s a luxury facial moisturiser, beard grooming essentials, or hair products, these are things that help you build your style.

Your style is part of your personality and it can be a great confidence booster. Making grooming a part of your everyday routine will mean you’re never caught out in any situation.

Lower Stress

I know- it’s easier said than done. However, they don’t call stress a killer for nothing. Now is the time to adopt techniques that can unwind  you when you’re feeling stressed.

You should make sure to do something for yourself every day. Whether it’s an hours swim, half an hour reading a book, or meeting up with friends at the end of the day, it all makes a big difference to how you feel.

Get Sleep

Sleep is vital to the way we operate every day. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t be functioning at your best. Put time aside to rest properly and make sure to get to bed at a reasonable time most nights.

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