The Difference Between Casual and Formal Wear for the Modern Gentleman


Everyone knows when James Bond has entered the room.

Not just because Daniel Craig has an urbane face that will melt a lady's heart, or because he commands the atmosphere with his rogueish charm. No, one of the most powerful tools in this spy's kit is that he struts his stuff in only the most debonaire accoutrements. 

It's no secret that the way you dress affects your self-confidence. And when you have mere seconds to leave a lasting impression on others, the first thing they'll take away from an interaction with you is your attire. 

Clothing is a powerful form of social communication. Whether you go casual or formal, the manner in which you dress will affect the course of your professional relationships and determine the sort of modern gentleman you want to be. 

Today, you'll learn the difference between casual and formal men's clothing, and how to make your entrance as much like Bond as you can.

The Modern Gentleman's Warddrobe: Know the Rules of Engagement

Every event dictates a dress code, even if this code goes unspoken. Know the code wherever you go.

  • Casual
  • Smart Casual
  • Business Casual
  • Business formal

The modern gentleman exudes style no matter his apparel. Whether you're wearing beach shorts or a tux, your style should reflect who you are.


Avoid the temptation to throw on exercise pants and a bog-standard t-shirt for your trip to the store. Lazy dress suggests lazy habits.

Invest in the classics that never go out of fashion: jeans, v-neck t-shirts, light jackets, and Chuck sneakers. Get basic colours that allow proper coordination. A luxury timepiece is a feature that fits with practically every outfit. 

Smart Casual

When a bit more style is in order for a date or night out, a gentleman ups the ante. Slap on some aftershave and a quality fragrance for this one.

Take your casual look and upgrade it closer to business. Add a blazer or close-fitting chinos. Loafers or oxfords perfect the final touch.

Business Casual

We've entered the domain of polos and button-downs. 

Wear a smart sweater, and add a tie for good luck. A timepiece is a must for this look, and you should tame the beard. Go for checker or stripe patterned shirts, and make sure you have a proper leather belt to tie things off.

Enjoy the freedom of rolling up your sleeves before the next level forces you to roll them down.

Business Formal

Time to channel your inner Bond.

Find a suit that is close-fitting, but not too short in the sleeves and pant legs--you don't want to show off miles of skin whenever you stretch or sit down. If your pant legs drop below the ankle and bundle on your shoes, schedule an immediate appointment with the tailor.

Focus on darker, plainer colours without patterns. Make sure your Derbys match the suit colour. Consider cuff links, and fill your front pocket with a pocket square.

And for the love of God, don't button all the buttons!

Perfect Your Style

The modern gentleman is not born with style, he perfects it over time. Adapt to the age, but remember that the classics will always be classics. With your wardrobe in check, you're halfway there to the lifestyle of a gentleman that you want to achieve.

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