The Complete Beard Trimming Guide for Any Lifestyle


Did you know that over 50% of men agree that having a beard is fashionable? Growing and styling a beard can be a great way to express yourself. 

But it can be difficult to know which style to choose and whether it will suit your lifestyle. You also need to know how to take care of your beard and skin to keep it looking great for longer. 

This beard trimming guide has the modern gentleman in mind. We will cover different beard styles based and how to trim your beard.

Choosing the Right Beard for Your Lifestyle

Whether you prefer being clean-shaven or a full beard, your facial hair can say a lot about you. Here are a few styles to consider, with pointers on how easy they are to maintain.

Circle Beard

The beard style is a great, simple style that works for most gentlemen on the go. The style can vary in length and closeness of shave. This makes it versatile and easy to match with your personal style.  

Ducktail Beard

This is a more stylised version of a full beard,  where you trim it into a tapered point. This is excellent for gentlemen wanting to look more mature and sophisticated. 

Because this is a more advanced style, it is best that you visit a barber the first time. Once you get that initial shape, it is a lot easier to maintain.

Bear in mind that not every person will have the right hair type to grow this style of beard.

Chevron Moustache

This timeless moustache style is great for all face shapes and personal styles. Because of its classic, neat shape, it is also easy to maintain.

You can wear your cheeks either clean-shaven or with a little stubble. Both ways will look dashing.

How To Trim Your Beard

Now you have chosen the right style, it is time to talk trimming. Let's have a look at how to style your beard at home. 

Prepare Your Beard

Before you start trimming, you'll need to wash and condition your beard. Make sure that you also comb or brush your beard as this removes tangles.

Do an All Over Trim

Although you can trim your beard wet, it is usually best to work with a dry beard. If you are growing out your beard, then this is important so you don't cut off more than necessary.

Stick to a bigger guard when you start trimming. This way you'll get a uniform cut all the way across your beard.

Using sweeping motions, whilst shaving away from your face will give the best results.

Define Your Beard Neck and Cheek line

This part of the trimming requires more focus and precision. Having a well-defined cheek and neckline can transform any beard style. 

Work from the outside inwards, going slowly. For shorter styles don't shave past the jawline for the cleanest look. 

The Tools for the Job

Most men only need a few tools and products to keep up with beard maintenance. A good quality pair of scissors and clippers will be great for achieving most styles. Also, invest in a beard comb, or brush for longer styles. These will be useful for hair on other parts of your body as well. 

It is also important to use beard care products such as balms, softeners, and oils. This will help to maintain the health of your beard hair, as well as the style. 

Beards, The Ultimate Gentleman's Accessory!

Beard style is an important personal style choice and should fit your lifestyle. After reading this beard trimming guide, you can make that decision with confidence!

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