How to Style Your Hair to Fit Your Face Shape


Do you feel like you need to take your style to the next level? Do you want to feel like a proper James Bond? 

Style is a man's best friend. The modern gentleman takes the time to properly groom himself, and also understands what is going to make him feel his best. 

Whether you like a clean-shaven face, beard, or peppered scruff, your hairstyle should compliment your desired look. This will not only help you look your best, but it will help you feel your best as you tackle your gentleman lifestyle.

If you're looking for the right hairstyle to take your look to the next level and don't know where to start, we know exactly how to help. 

Identifying Face Shapes

A life of luxury for a man starts with feeling your best. Getting the right hairstyle means understanding what is going to compliment your best facial features. 

There are 7 differing face shapes for men. The rarest face shape for men is the diamond. 

The seven face shapes are triangle, round, heart, square, oblong, diamond, and oval. 

Understanding the shape of your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and jawline will help you determine what your face closely resembles. 

Once you know this, you will know exactly what hairstyle will get you feeling and looking like a true modern gentleman. 

Putting Style in Men's Hairstyle

With thousands of different men's hairstyles, it can seem impossible to find the style that will make you feel most like a gentleman.

Face shapes such as square, rectangular, and heart shapes will look exceptional with longer hair. Try opting for a deep side part or a textured fringe, but keep your hair proportionate to keep your face from looking narrow.

Triangle and round face shapes often look best with shorter cuts, possibly with a quiff or a pompadour to elongate the face with a side part. Even a buzz cut will compliment a round face.

A diamond shape offers the chance for dimension such as shorter on the sides and longer on the top, or an undercut. 

An oval-shaped face will often look good with any cut, but a squared beard may help add dimension. An oblong face should have hair that is slicked back or pulled back in order to keep your face dimension proportionate.  

No matter your cup of tea, there is always room to find the perfect style, all the while complimenting your face shape. 

Proper Grooming

It can be confusing knowing exactly how to take care of your hair to make sure it is always looking good. There's no shame in not knowing, gentlemen. 

Gone are the days of using 2-in-1 shampoos. A life of luxury means understanding your hair needs the best products, with ingredients that don't dry your hair out. Buying shampoos and conditioners that benefit your hair type will keep your hairstyle healthy and looking good.

You must also remember that shampooing every day will dry your hair and scalp out.  

If you decide you want to grow out your beard, remember that it is just as important to groom your beard as your hair. Using beard oil and washing your beard regularly will keep you looking your best. 

Of course, hair is just one part of the equation. There are always other tips and advice you can pick up to make yourself feel like a million quid.

The Modern Gentleman

Knowing how to style your hair will ensure that you will look and feel your best. No matter your face shape or what you prefer your hair to do, there are endless ways to play to your best features.

The key to being a modern gentleman is knowing what will get you feelings your best. The perfect hairstyle, and a vodka martini—shaken, not stirred. 

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