Handsome Hair Styling Tips for Different Hair Types


Did you know that we've have been styling our hair for as long as we've been around?

Fashions come and go but one thing remains constant: we have different types of hair that need treating differently.

The good news is that anyone can have great hair, regardless of the type of hair that you may have.

Read on as we look at some top men's hair styling tips for different hair types.

Straight Hair

Straight hair has its pros and cons.

One major benefit of straight hair is that it's relatively easy to style so there is a wide range of men's hairstyles open to you. Straight hair holds up well to styling and heat so you have almost every option available.

One of the downsides of straight hair is that it allows natural oils from your scalp to flow all the way to the tips of your hair, so straight hair can often look shiny or even oily. If you suffer from the latter issue, the good news is that there are plenty of great oil control products out there that can help. 

Frequent washing is best, although you don't need to condition quite as often as this can increase the amount of oil in your hair.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is the middle ground between straight hair and full-on curls. While you won't tend to have as many problems with oiliness, you may have some issues with frizz.

If you're wondering how to style men's wavy hair, then our advice is to take advantage of the additional volume that wavy hair offers. You may only need to use a light-hold product to add a bit of texture. If that's not quite enough hold, you consider a paste or even a touch of hairspray to hold your style in place.

Curly Hair

Thick curls mean less oil, but are also much more prone to frizz.

One of the best ways to style curly hair is to keep it short at the sides and make the most of the volume on top. That's not to say you can only focus on short men's hairstyles; if you want to embrace all-over curls, then go for it!

Don't have the temperature too high when washing your hair as this can increase frizz. A good cream is the ideal styling product, or a light-hold product if you want to let things be a bit more natural. Curly hair can be surprisingly easy to maintain.

Coily Hair

Coily hair is made up of tight curls all along the length of the hair. 

This type of hair is the most fragile, so good maintenance is vital. Conditioning is the key to this; condition regularly and keep the water temperature down.

Styling coily hair is more challenging. The key is to find the right length for your style so that you're not trying to force your hair to do too much. A good light-hold product can work if your hair is the right length. Hand styling is also definitely recommended.

Great Men’s Hair Styling Starts With Great Hair Products

Whatever type of hair you have, you need the right men's hair styling products if you want to look your best.

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