The Quintessential Guide to Beard Care

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If there's one feeling most men want to portray to the world, it's masculinity. There are a lot of ways to bring that desire to life but a huge one is growing a nice, full beard. Even studies show that many women are attracted to facial hair on men!

While we think beards are quintessentially cool, they can also quickly turn unruly and gross without the proper care. If you're going to go the beard route with your look, you have to make sure to do it right to get the desired effect. Taking a little extra time each day to groom your beard properly will help keep it tight. 

We've created a guide with the basic steps to beard care that are most important for success. 

Choose a Definite Style

Beards are great until they turn into more of a mountain-man, off-the-grid situation. This happens when there's no style defined and you're just letting the hair grow. 

Make your beard more intentional by having an end goal that you're working towards. Every time you get ready, you're trying to make your beard look a certain way. The specific style doesn't matter as much as the conscious effort to take care of it! 

Don't Be Afraid of Product

The best (and really only!) way to achieve any desired beard style is to add a product to the hair. Beard products are a hidden secret in grooming tips but make all of the difference. 

Whether you choose a balm to help it hold its shape or oil to bring out the natural shine, these products take your beard to the next level.

Keep it Clean

No amount of products will make your beard look amazing if you're not starting with a clean base. Shampooing your beard should be done as often as it's done to the hair on the top of your head. 

Following the proper beard washing techniques can also give your daily showers more of a luxury feel. Take a few extra minutes to give yourself an extra boost. 

Set a Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to beard trimming. We recommend setting a schedule and sticking to it, this way you don't unintentionally wait too long between trims.

Trimming your beard on a regular basis will also help to train the hair to grow the way you'd like it to. The entire thing will be much more manageable if you only have to clean things up instead of starting completely over with every trimming session. 

Beard Care Guide to Keep You Looking Your Best

There's nothing better than knowing you're a well-groomed man who takes good care of himself. It's truly the best form of self-care and you'll see the effects trickle down to all the other areas of your life. 

Beard care is an important aspect of any hygiene regimen, especially if you're trying to be a high-class gentleman. 

If you're interested in learning more tips and tricks to look and feel your best, check us out today!

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