5 Home Bar Essentials Every Gentleman Needs


You've just spent the last few months assembling your home bar. You've got all the right decor and equipment, and your bar is nearly fully operational. 

All you need to do now is stock it with some home bar essentials. There are some classic home bar drinks that you should always keep your bar fully stocked with. 

Here's a gentleman's guide to stocking your home bar. 

1. Vodka 

One of the most widely used and enjoyed liquors in the world, vodka is the classic home bar alcohol. Use it to make classics like bloody marys, screwdrivers, or White Russians. There's no limit to the drinks you can make with this stylish liquor. 

You'll want to keep at least two bottles in the bar because you and your guests will keep coming back for smooth vodka cocktails. There are several luxury vodka brands for you to choose from. We recommend Grey Goose, Absolut, or Skyy.

2. Whisky

Whisky is the perfect drink for the modern gentleman. Smoky, strong, sweet, and smooth, whisky is an essential alcohol for a home bar. 

As you'll probably know, there are several different types of whisky that you can stock your bar with. Bourbon is an American variety that is famed for its caramel flavours. It works in so many cocktails

If you prefer your whisky with a more smoky or peaty flavour, then you can't go far wrong with a classic scotch. 

3. Gin

Gin is the base liquor for some of the most famous cocktails, such as martinis, negronis, and the Tom Collins. There's so much more you can do with gin other than pair it with tonic. 

However you like your gin, make sure to stock your bar with a great quality one. London dry gin is generally considered to be the best, so grab some Tanqueray or Beefeater gin if you can. 

4. Brandy

Brandy is one of the quintessential drinks for the gentleman lifestyle. A strong, full-chested drink that makes a perfect nightcap at the end of an evening spent in your home bar. 

You can swap out the bourbon for brandy in many classic cocktails to give them a new and complex flavour. You can make a brandy sidecar, sazerac, or old fashioned. We recommend Hennessy for a bottle of classy brandy. 

5. Mixers and Liqueurs 

Don't neglect to stock your bar full of mixers and liqueurs. They add richness and depth to many of your favourite cocktails, and you'd be lost without them. 

Be sure to stay stocked with Cointreau. This orange liqueur is a flavour base for a whole host of cocktails and is one of the most widely used liqueurs in the world. You should also stock a bottle of Kahlua behind the bar. This creamy coffee liqueur is the secret ingredient in a white russian. 

Make sure your bar is well stocked with fruit juices and flavoured sodas to give your cocktails a refreshing edge. 

These Home Bar Essentials Will Transform Your Bar

Once you fill your bar with these home bar essentials, you'll be ready to entertain anyone. You'll have the perfect stock in place to make the most elegant and classic cocktails to wow your guests. 

A gentleman should look at his sharpest when he's entertaining guests in his bar. Browse our catalogue of gentlemen's products today. 

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