The Modern Gentleman's Guide to Chivalry


They say chivalry is dead, but any modern gentleman knows that this couldn't be further from the truth.

To be chivalrous is to be authentically charming. It is second nature for some, while for others, a bit more practice is needed.

Making people feel special and appreciated is an art. It's an art that anyone can master. Continue reading further if you want to know how to be a chivalrous man.

Five Signs Of A Chivalrous Man

Chivalry was an informal code of conduct developed by knights in medieval Europe. As is the nature of life, a lot has changed since then. Those chivalrous qualities are outdated, but the modern gentleman should live by a new code of conduct.

1. He's Kind And Humble

A chivalrous man moves through the world with compassion and kindness, respecting others no matter their background. He is truthful with others and is careful not to hurt other people's feelings.

This upstanding gentleman is not looking for praise; he is sincere in his actions, earning him true respect from others. Through being kind and genuine, he will attract the type of woman that is perfect for him.

2. Simple Gestures Mean A Lot

You don't have to be a prince or buy her the world. It's the small touching gestures that can make the most significant impact. That extra bit of effort to hold the door open for her shows what kind of man you are.

After spending the evening with a woman, it's a good idea to check that she got home OK. It's also an opportunity to say something sweet before she falls asleep.

3. Stays Out Of Trouble

Everyone makes mistakes, but a chivalrous man keeps his nose clean. He doesn't want to be involved in scandals and is careful to veer away from potential trouble.

A scandal will destroy intimacy and trust with the people you love. Chivalry never leads to scandal.

4. Looks The Part

There's a growing trend among men to give lesser attention to their appearance. But the chivalrous man makes a little extra effort to make a good impression on those he encounters. 

His attractiveness can vary wildly, but he always chooses an outfit that matches, taking hair care and beard care seriously. Without a jot of arrogance, he walks with confidence because he takes care of himself.

5. He's Romantic

The chivalrous man doesn't make women feel uncomfortable, but he does know when to show up with a heartfelt romantic gesture. He isn't afraid to open his heart and share his love with a woman. He wants to make her feel special, so he buys flowers unexpectedly.

Other guys are often afraid to be romantic because they worry about the possibility of suffering a bruised ego. But romance is not dead for the chivalrous man. He has no expectations but wants her to know that he genuinely cares about her.

Chivalry Is Sure To Impress

A chivalrous man uses courtesy and kindness to demonstrate his commitment, respect, compassion, and trust.

It's not difficult to be chivalrous. Act with love and care to those around you. No one is perfect but do the best you can.

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