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Yard ETC Scented Candle Lemon Nettle

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  • Scented Candle

  • Green Tomato (240g)

  • Made From Organic Soy Wax

  • A Fresh, Unripe Green Tomatoes

  • Use Candle Indoors

  • Excitingly Aromatic

  • Burn Time: 40 Hours


A scented candle made from organic soy wax. A fresh, green and herbal lemon scent that transports you right back to the herb garden. The scent of lemon balm has a calming and restorative effect. For best effect, use the candle indoors or for instance in a greenhouse, as this will make the scent linger and not be swept away. Insects however, shun the scent of lemon balm. The scented candle has a long burn time – approximately 40 hours.


Always let the candle burn until the wax is melted out to the edge of the glass. Remember that it is better to light candles for shorter periods of time rather than an entire evening in order to maximise the scent and to make the candle last longer. Make sure to cut the wick to approx 5mm in length before lighting the candles in order to reduce soot. Always place the candle free from drafts and on a surface that can withstand heat. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep the candle out of the reach of children and pets. Allow the wax to solidify before moving the candle.

Yard ETC – Gardeners’ Care

Yard ETC’s products are beautifully handmade by garden enthusiasts in Sweden. All the products contain natural ingredients of high quality and wherever possible they have of course chosen organic components. Take care and enjoy!