The Etiquette Rules For The Modern Gentleman


These days, people often say that chivalry is dead. As it turns out, this is not a recent phenomenon. People have noticed the "death" of chivalrous behaviour several times throughout history

Yet, people often overstate this trend. Plenty of men aspire to be modern gentlemen. Even if this man cannot live a lifestyle of luxury, he can still master the rules of etiquette. 

Most of the confusion surrounding this topic stems from ignorance of the rules of etiquette. They wonder, "What is etiquette, and how can I learn it?"

We've written this article to clear up the confusion. If you're dying to know how to be classy, keep reading!

How To Be a Gentleman

Most rules of gentlemanly behaviour follow one principle: be gracious. It's easy to think too much of yourself in the social media era. You can avoid this by following a few guidelines.

First, don't give in to the urge to "#humblebrag" online. People know how to spot fake humility. This phenomenon tends to make people less likeable on social media and in person. 

Second, make conversations focus on people besides yourself. When you talk to another person, make them feel like the most important person by listening to them. Then, respond in congruent ways to what they say.

Finally, don't put others down. Always try to build people up in your conversation instead.

Mind How You Treat Women

It's trendy to criticize basic polite gestures as being chauvinistic. Opening the door for women or pulling out their chairs may earn you a reproof in some circles. 

However, this doesn't mean that the practice is dead. People usually perform gestures like opening the door for somebody else in a kind-natured way. Most people understand that fact and appreciate it.

So, keep these practices in mind when engaging with women:

  • use polite speech
  • open doors
  • pull out chairs
  • avoid situations that may make them uncomfortable

Of course, one must recognize that individuals have specific thresholds. As you get to know a woman, you can learn her boundaries and preferences. Then, you can adapt your behaviour accordingly to accommodate her. 

Present Yourself As a Modern Gentleman

The old saying says that "clothes make the man." While this might be an overstatement, your appearance does convey something about you. 

The modern gentleman is one who puts the right amount of effort into his appearance. For example, a man should leave the bottom button unbuttoned when wearing a coat. 

This fashionable rule has been around since the 20th century and originates with the British Royal Family. Similarly, a gentleman puts effort into his personal hygiene. 

For example, ensure you keep proper grooming habits if you have a beard. Similarly, avoid going out in public with unkempt hair. Proper personal hygiene conveys that you have self-respect and basic discipline. 

Find the Best Tools For a Modern Gentleman

Becoming a modern gentleman is an ongoing project. It requires you to continue seeking the best clothing and hygiene products to convey yourself to the world. 

That's why we're here. We offer several clothing and hygienic items for you to use.

We also provide several articles that discuss topics every gentleman should know. So, check out our other content today to find the information you need!

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