The Best Luxury Shaving Products for Men in 2021


Did you know that the human face has around 615 hairs per square centimeter

That must be why 75% of men shave their face every, single day. Now, it doesn't matter how manly and rugged you are, dry, cracking skin as a result of constant shaving is not ideal. 

But we all know that today's man is about more than looking masculine, they want to feel good too. You can achieve this with the best luxury shaving products for men, and not just for special occasions! 

Keep reading to find out exactly what should be stacked on your shaving shelf. 

Carter & Bond Shaving Set 

Coming in faux ivory and polished nickel, this beautiful set includes a Fusion head razor and a Super Badger hair shaving brush, as well as a matching stand. 

Just a quick glance at this set reminds you of classic barbershop vibes. It won't only help you get that classic shave but it's going to look so good on your bathroom shelf on display too. 

HEATH Shaving Products 

This duo is made up of HEATH Cream Shave and The HEATH Post Shave Repair balm. Both of these products are made with skincare in mind for during and post-shaving. 

The Cream Shave is a unique mix of hard and soft soaps to provide a shaving experience that helps to calm your skin from the harsh effects. The Post Shave repair cream focuses on hydrating your skin and soothing it with ingredients like aloe vera

Oil Products 

Here, we've got two products that we want to talk about: 

  • Rugged Nature 100% Natural Shave Oil

  • The Art of Shaving's Pre-Shave Oil Range 

Rugged Nature Shave Oil is intended to be used pre-shaving cream and in combination with your shaving products. It adds a small bit of extra lubrication to the blade so you get that extra close shave. Plus, it smells really good too!

The Art of Shaving has an entire range of shave oils that are designed to soften the beard before you go in for that close shave, much like beard oil. This product is ideal for men who want to keep a bit of stubble or a groomed beard look, also, it protects against razor burn and skin irritation. 

Floid Classic After Shave

This after shave product is wonderfully sweet with a fruity aroma which gradually changes to menthol and cools the skin like a cool breeze. Boasting a perfume that is reminiscent of a vintage Spanish barbershop and gives off a feeling of summer and sunshine. With Castor Oil and Menthol.

This is the stronger version, with more Menthol than the milder version which means a fresher feel on your skin with a super fresh smell. 

Smooth Shaving Ahead With Shaving Products for Men

Whether you want to keep your entire face smooth or go for a more sculpted beard look, the right shaving products for men are essential in keeping you feeling good and looking good. 

We all know how much razor burn and bumpy skin can make us want to hide from the world. Every modern gentleman knows how important skincare and his shaving routine are. 

Looking for a specific brand? Check out our product list here

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