5 Essentials for the Perfect Beard Care Kit


You're a man with taste, walking around with style and charisma. But does your beard match your clean, sleek brand? If not, it's time for you to seal your look with proper beard care.

If you're a beard care beginner, you might be wondering: how will I get my beard in shape?

If that sounds like you, you need a beard care kit. Why? Your care kit will contain everything you need to step into the beard care world. 

So, what exactly should your beard kit contain? Just keep reading; all the information you need is waiting below. 

1. Brushes and Combs 

Throughout the day, your beard collects an impressive amount of dirt and debris. This issue plagues all you bearded fellows, but it especially targets men working dirtier jobs. Running a brush/comb through your beard at the end of each day will remove leftover debris. 

Daily brushing will also train your beard to grow in the direction you choose, meaning you won't have to spend pointless hours in the bathroom smoothing hard-to-manage hairs.  

2. Beard Oil 

Want a softer, fuller-looking beard? Then beard oil should be up next on your beard care list. Beard oil is a conditioner designed to give beards the full look you desire while conditioning the skin underneath. 

In other words, this little weapon will keep you looking filled, fresh, and tamed all day. 

3. Moustache Wax

If you have one, you know your moustache demands attention. Moustache wax is a tacky balm used to style your stache and keep it in line. 

The wax can give your facial hair the classic handlebar shape in mere seconds, or it can help you achieve a bold style of your own. The options reach no limit with this product sitting in your kit

4. Scissors 

Your beard looks stronger than the hair on your head (it even feels that way), but your facial hair is still subject to split ends. These are an epidemic no man can cure, but you can fight your dead ends with your trusty scissors. Just remember to only go for the split ends you notice. 

Foraging for these menaces will cause more trouble than their worth. Trust the experts. 

5. Razor and Beard Trimmer 

If you plan on losing the beard and going for a clean-shaven look, you'll need to get yourself a shaving set. The same goes for those of you looking to keep the beard short. You will need to either purchase a beard trimmer to maintain your look or you'll need to get a razor. 

Please remember to start with the trimmer and a pair of scissors when removing the beard. Going at your face with just a razor will prove itself unsuccessful. Once you finish, use an aftershave product to add moisture to your stripped skin. 

If you want to keep your beard trimmed, do your research before starting the process. The last thing you want to do is mess up your work of art. 

Starting Your Beard Care Kit 

When you're ready to begin a beard kit of your own, check out our products at The Modern Gentlemen. We have a wide variety of the items listed above and more on our website. To learn more about our brands and products, send us an email or visit us online

Until then, keep up the good work. 

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