Quick Guide to Dress On A First Date


The old-age saying that ‘first impressions matter’ is true when it comes to first dates. If it’s a blind date or someone you’ve met on an online dating app, how you dress on the first date is always important, it will make an impact on the outcome of your date. What you wear says a lot about you, so take some time to plan the outfit for the day but remember don’t go too flashy – that’s not a good look for a gentleman on the first date. Especially, if you’re in the UK, with lockdown coming to end in December you’re probably already making plans of where to go with your date. So here’s a quick guide on you should dress on a first date:


Consider the venue 


Where you end up going on your first date will be the biggest impact on your outfit of choice. You wouldn’t go to a Michelin star restaurant in shorts and flip flops, although you would definitely stand out not really appropriate. On a side note, picking a venue after lockdown if you’re in the UK will be important you don’t want to choose a place or venue that will be too busy but somewhere where there is plenty of space between you and other people in the venue, so you’ll need to take that into consideration. As it’s the first date, the venue is most likely somewhere a bit casual, so dress down but don’t turn up sloppy. A nice clean example would be a pair of dark-washed jeans paired with a short sleeve collar shirt or long-sleeved shirt folded at the arms (obviously tucked in) will go nicely, along with a matching belt and some leather shoes.


If you’re the romantic type (as every gentleman should be) you might want to opt for a trench coat or a pea coat which you can hand to your date on those cold nights. If you’re not sure where you should go you can always go to a casual restaurant, theatre, or somewhere that has an understood dress code (although that might be tricky to find during these strange times). After you’ve finished you can always head to the nearest upmarket cocktail bar – be sure to do some research beforehand so you know where they are and which ones are recommended. 


The most important piece of clothing: shoes


Shoes have their own significance in an outfit. They can make or break your first date. The shoes you wear reflect your style and self-confidence. A study by the University of Kansas indicates that your shoes can reveal a lot about you and your personality. Wearing good quality and the right footwear is essential to creating a good first impression, your date will definitely take note of your footwear.


Your smell is important


It’s a common mistake men often commit by dousing themselves in cologne and think it’s ok, leaving a very strong scent. You don’t need an entire room to be able to smell you, it’s impolite. You find that you actually don’t need all that much you don’t want to suffocate your date or anyone around you with your cologne. Firstly, make sure your clothes are freshly laundered and ironed/pressed. Then make sure to use a good quality deodorant and a good quality cologne applied conservatively. 


Accessories are good, but not too much


Wearing too much flashy jewellery and a watch can seem as you’re trying to appear too wealthy if you are not, or just simply trying way too hard to impress someone. If done right they can make a statement. The key is wear minimal style accessories, depending on the outfit and something that works with the outfit. Bracelets, rings, necklaces are all ok, but wearing all of them at the same time might not be. Style a bracelet that compliments your watch is often more than needed with an outfit styled for the first date. Headwear should be left at home, unless your date is going to be outside and weather dependant. 


Last but not least, a fresh cut


Perhaps leave experimenting with new styles for another time. But whatever your normal style or haircut is, always having a fresh trim before your date is a good thing. Making you feel clean, confident and fresh. Speaking of which is never hurts for general grooming maintenance before leaving, tidying up your beard, cutting your fingernails, trimming any nose and/or ear hairs, an all round well maintained look and hygiene. Your date will notice if you get closer.


Dressing well and staying well groomed before your date is only half the battle, the rest comes down to creating a comforting and good feel, having great conversation and not forgetting being the modern gentleman – pulling out chairs for your date at dinner, opening doors and offering to pick up the tab will always be a plus. 

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