Aeroplane manners


In cramped conditions, 35,000 feet above sea level, good manners are paramount. Do not intrude on to your our fellow passengers’ territory. Keep your elbows firmly tucked in; ease your chair gently into a reclining position, which will avoid a sudden invasion of the limited legroom of the passenger behind. If you have children, ensure that they do not kick, jolt, or otherwise interfere with, the seat in front. Drink in moderation; boisterous behaviour will irritate your fellow passengers. Friendly conversation with your neighbours can be enjoyable, but choose your topics. Many people  are terrified of flying, and will not take kindly to jokes about turbulence, hijackers or the competence of the flight crew; such talk may even get you arrested.


Stay relaxed when embarking and disembarking. Help the elderly (or those of diminutive stature) to stow (or remove) luggage in the overhead lockers. Behave courteously towards the flight crew and thank them for their service during the flight. Never use the words ‘trolley-dolley’ or try to chat them up. They’ve heard it all before. Do not barge your way to the exit as the plane doors open – even the sharpest elbow will not ensure you reach the terminal any faster.

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