Most Common Male Health Problems and How to Deal With Them


Taking care of our bodies and the overall health might seem like an uphill battle after we pass a certain age. The struggle becomes even more apparent for those who don’t get an adequate amount of sleep or don’t have the time to consume three meals every day. Not to mention that our bodies simply start to deteriorate as we get older and although these changes might not be noticeable for those living a healthier lifestyle, there are some health issues that are commonly experienced once you turn a certain age.

Here are the five most common male health issues, the things that lead to them, and the things that help deal with them once they occur.

1. Acne and skin-related issues

Although acne and similar skin disorders predominantly affect younger men, this issue can easily prolong itself well into the thirties, forties, and even fifties if left untreated. Not to mention that our skin loses elasticity as we get older and before you know it, you start seeing wrinkles and folds in the skin where sweat collects more easily and further aggravate the existing condition. Make sure to see a dermatologist if you happen to notice any acne or skin-related issues and prevent them from progressing into a more serious skin disorder.

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2. Gingivitis and problems with teeth


Unfortunately, dental problems often get overlooked as we get older and people simply leave this sort of issue unchecked until they start experiencing pain. Plaque can build up over time and allow for various harmful bacteria to flourish. This can cause a vast variety of inconveniences, including gum diseases and gingivitis, which is the inflammation of the gums, receding gums, and loose teeth, and even staining due to prolonged use of coffee and cigarettes.

Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for checkups, and if you’re an avid coffee lover, regular removals of staining and plaque. For a healthy oral environment, protected teeth, irresistible fresh breath, and a bright white smile brush with Marvis’ Whitening Mint Toothpaste.

3. Erectile dysfunction and prostate issues

Erectile dysfunction and problems with the prostate are the two most common disorders men face after they turn 40, the latter of which can actually progress into a serious and potentially life-threatening issue.

There are numerous causes of erectile dysfunction and although the issue itself is non-threatening, it can be a part of a large issue. Prostate problems might start off as benign but can quickly progress into prostate cancer if left untreated. Don’t be afraid to talk to your physician about prostate health and although the exam might be a little uncomfortable, the repercussions of not having your prostate regularly inspected for issues can be rather serious.

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4. Poor diet


Good dietary choices based on the principles of healthy eating allow people to stay active and healthy way past their prime. On the other hand, poor eating habits such as over- or under-eating, consuming too much fast food and carbonated, sugary drinks, and having a fat- and salt-rich diet low in fiber and protein can lead to tooth decay, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease and even type-2 diabetes.

If your diet is not rich in nutrients, schedule an appointment with a dietician, and look for ways to enrich it with health supplements and healthier food.

5. Type-2 diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a disorder that affects both men and women. However, men are more likely to develop the condition, and currently, one in every ten males suffers from it. The condition is still poorly understood, however, it is known that obese and overweight people and those with a family member who has type-2 diabetes have the highest risk of developing the condition. Be sure to contact your physician immediately if you happen to be extremely thirsty, have to pee a lot, experience blurry vision and irritability, or start feeling worn-out all the time.

Although the conditions mentioned above can happen to almost anyone, men after 30 or 40 have a significantly higher risk of developing them than young men and women do. This is why, as we get older, taking care of our bodies and health becomes that much more important and if you happen to experience any of the warning signs we mentioned, don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment with your family physician.

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