Midlands’ Entrepreneurs Redefine The Modern Gentleman With Online Grooming Journal And Store

Midlands’ Entrepreneurs Redefine The Modern Gentleman With Online Grooming Journal And Store

A new men’s lifestyle and male grooming website has launched with the aim of reasserting the image of The Modern Gentleman whilst making Dads more dapper, Husbands more handsome and partners more polished.

With the male grooming industry becoming the fastest growing part of the cosmetics industry, notching up an enormous £608million of sales in the UK alone, two Midlands entrepreneurs decided it was time to launch The Modern Gentleman – a service that offers discerning gents exclusive, quality skincare and grooming products along with advice on how to use them and live the life of a Modern Gentleman.

TheModernGentlemen.co.uk has been designed to demystify moisturisers, clarify cleansers and reinvent the washbag for the man who feels overwhelmed when confronted with the vast array of grooming products on the market.

“We wanted to make it easier for men to find the right product for them and explain exactly how to use it” explains co-owner Rajvee Purohit. “Today’s man knows that he’s got to take care of himself, but often doesn’t really know how. What we’ve done is integrate a lifestyle blog full of helpful advice on male grooming with a breakdown of what each product actually does and what we’d recommend. There’s more to good grooming than moisturising!”

The site’s blog – The TMG Journal – doesn’t just limit its topics to male grooming; it also covers areas such as etiquette & style, culture, politics, history, food & drink and luxury travel. “Grooming is only one aspect of becoming the gentleman and it is where the journey begins for TMG,” adds Danny Gohil, co-owner and designer at The Modern Gentleman. “Charming, intellectual, groomed, well-dressed, well-mannered and successful: these are the characteristics we want to instil in others through our company”.

The site launches with a curated range of luxury grooming products for men from brands such as Agua De Colonia, Apothacery 87, Concentrada, Fresh Body, Marvis, Swell and Vitaman. These international brands have been carefully selected for their excellent quality and their evident results.  “When choosing the brands we wanted to work with, we had to make sure we were offering something different to what you can find on the High Street. Our aim has been to source brands that are ethically created and offer great results whilst still being affordable,” adds Danny.

It’s not just the products that are different. “All of our products come boxed and monogrammed snuggled in a nest of raffia making them either gift-ready or a lovely treat to have delivered,” adds Rajvee. To celebrate the launch of the website, all orders placed in February will receive free postage and packing.

To find out more visit www.themoderngentleman.co.uk

Find out more about what The Modern Gentleman is about.

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