Men's Summer Fashion: 3 Things to Know in 2022


Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. 

Dressing for winter and fall is a breeze for many men. Due to lower temperatures, it's easy to mix and match a variety of layers. But what do you do when temperatures start to rise?

You can rock the same high-level fashion with fewer layers during the summer month. If you aren't sure how, don't worry. 

Below is a guide of 3 things you must know about men's summer fashion. Don't be surprised when you start turning heads. 

1. Take Advantage of Bold Colours

We often see individuals sinking into the background when looking at men's casual summer fashion. Avoid becoming invisible by using bold colours in your fashion looks. 

One colour coming in hot this summer is red. Fiery red is passionate, sexy, and bold enough to capture anyone's attention at the bar. 

Pair bright red linen pants with some fresh white sneakers and a casual white t-shirt. Top the look off with stylish shades and a casual watch. 

Other great colours to try out include mustard yellow, a bright orange, or sage green. Mix in pops of colours with neutral statement pieces for a balanced look. 

2. Serving Looks With Linen

Linen is perfect for summer fashion. Not only does it look great, but it also feels great in tropical climates and high temperatures. 

Do you have a vacation coming up? Grab some linen men's summer fashion shorts to pair with button-down shirts or striped t-shirts. (Or be bold with some patterned shirts!)

If you need something to keep you cool during the day and protect you from a chill at night, opt for linen pants and a quarter-length sleeve shirt. 

3. Keepin' It Cool and Casual

Enjoy your summer weekends by keeping your attire cool and casual. Men's fashion doesn't always have to involve a tuxedo. 

Purchase a couple of clean staple sneakers. Neutral colours, such as black and white, are great for pairing with multiple outfits. 

Pair the sneakers with well-kept athletic chino shorts and a loose t-shirt. You can even throw on a baseball cap and a simple gold chain necklace to polish the look

This casual look is perfect for running errands, walking to grab a coffee, or taking your pup out in the neighbourhood. It's the moment when fashion meets comfort. 

Must-Do's of Men's Summer Fashion

Look cool and effortless during the summer months with the above must do's of men's summer fashion. If you aren't sure about the clothes to buy, take a fashionable friend with you to the mall. 

Use the summer to take advantage of hot, bold colours! Keep cool in the sun with linen, and invest in several casual, fashionable fits for your relaxed days. 

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