Grooming and Etiquette of the Modern Gentleman


There's a wide misconception that the modern man is no longer distinguished or masculine. Statistics show that roughly 70% of men spend their time daily doing household chores. When they're not doing chores, they're engaging in some leisure and sports activity.

However, the modern gentleman is not a thing of the past. It's all about what you desire and your level of dedication to achieving that goal. Instead of buying cheap goods from the local pharmacy, you take the time to find higher-quality items.

Here's a glimpse into the grooming habits and etiquette of the modern gentleman.

What Is a Modern Gentleman?

It's important to understand what is meant by the phrase "modern gentleman". Dictionaries may define it as someone who is chivalrous, courteous, or honourable. They may act more polite or formal than some of their peers.

Some traits of a modern gentleman include never gossiping, knowing how to dance, and displaying confidence but not arrogance. A gentleman also always tells the truth but never judges others.

In some cases, you can tell a gentleman from a distance based on the way they walk, dress, and speak.

Grooming for Men of Quality

The first step to becoming a modern gentleman is investing in high-quality grooming items and habits.

For example, what luxury grooming products do you currently own? Some basic staples include a beard brush and beard oil to help keep everything neat. Short beards are a great way to exude masculinity without looking sloppy, and a brush will help it look more well-kept.

Another area to focus on is the modern gentleman style. This doesn't have to mean wearing a suit every day, but you'll want whatever clothes you wear to fit well and not have creases all over them.

Essential Manners of the Modern Gentleman

Even more important than how you groom and style your body is how you carry yourself. You can look the part and act nothing like a true modern gentleman.

As a gentleman, you should always be courteous to others. Give them a firm handshake and make eye contact. Offer your coat to a lady when she's cold, and cook her a meal when she's hungry.

When you go on a date, put some effort into your appearance. Make a booking ahead of time and treat service staff with respect.

If you plan to order wine, try to understand proper wine-drinking etiquette. Most importantly, do not overindulge or get drunk on your date.

Find the Best Products for Gentlemen

Those who aren't sure how to get started on the path to becoming a modern gentleman should begin with luxury products. You can find all kinds of skin treatments, fragrances, and luxury brands online. They're worth the extra investment required to obtain them.

The Modern Gentleman is the place to go if you're in need of products to match your lifestyle. We carry items for everything from hair styling to oral care. Take a look at some of our newest products online and reach out with any questions.

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  • In my humble opinion the modern gentlemen is defined as possessing impeccable manners, especially at the dining table. He will also open doors for a lady, cook a meal, maybe pick up the bill occasionally. He will also be very well groomed. If he does feel the need for facial hair, it will be well kept, short and tidy. The modern gentlemen is not unkempt, he is very stylish in both his choice of clothes and his personal grooming. A lady should never be afraid to be seen with a real modern gentlemen.

    Caroline Hood on

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