Short Beards: A Short Guide on Grooming and Care


Nothing exudes charm and masculinity like that of a well-groomed beard. A beard has the potential to enhance your features and elevate your appearance. However, only some men understand the intricacies of caring for their facial hair.

It can take two to six months to achieve full beard growth. While genetics play a part in growing facial hair, your care is equally as impactful. So, whether you're looking to grow a fuller beard or for better ways to care for your current growth, here are some essential tips for taking care of short beards.

Read on for a short guide to beard grooming and care.

Pick the Right Tools and Products

Maintaining a healthy beard and proper hygiene go hand in hand. If you want to look sharp and tidy, invest in the proper grooming materials.

For starters, you need a beard brush, shampoo, and oil. If you experience drying in your facial hair, beard oil can help restore moisture. Use two to three drops of beard oil to warm it up in your palms before applying it to your beard.

Create a Beard Care Routine

A bad beard day can be as frustrating as a bad hair day. Apart from its shabby appearance, the lack of moisture in its fibres can make it more difficult to style.

Like the skin, short beards need maintenance. It prevents the development of beard dandruff and provides your beard with the proper nutrients to keep it healthy.

For best results, include rinsing, washing, and moisturising in your routine. You can do this at least twice a week to guarantee results. Note that every beard is different, and yours can have different needs.

Shape and Trim Your Beard

Even if you have a short beard, you need to give it a trim to keep it looking sharp and clean. However, you must develop a plan before cutting and shaving your facial hair. Determine how to tackle the task, your desired length, and the products and tools to use.

When shaping and trimming short beards, begin by washing and conditioning them. This will help soften your beard and make it easier to shape your desired appearance.

Define your neckline and trim your cheekline using a razor. Ensure you change your blades regularly to avoid nicks and infections. Focus on the details, and use precision scissors to clean stray or uneven hairs.

Finish off with beard oil to moisturise your facial hair.

Style Your Short Beard

After getting fresh trims, style your short beard for a polished and groomed appearance. Styling your facial hair with your face shape in mind enhances your features. Ensure the style you incorporate with your beard suits your style.

Some short beard styles are classic stache, short stubble, and mutton chops. A groomed short beard based on personal preferences boosts your confidence.

Beard Maintenance for Short Beards

Whether you have a goatee, a heavy stubble, or an anchor, short beards can boost your confidence. These grooming tips will help you enhance your facial features so you can always look and feel your best.

At The Modern Gentleman, we believe that self-care is not only about appearance but also about becoming a better man. There's joy in treating yourself right, and we encourage you to embrace that. Check out our beard essentials here.

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