Dressing like a Gentleman: Tips and Trends for Men's Fashion


Being a gentleman won't only make you popular with the ladies. It will also hold you to high standards of honesty, sincerity, respect, and support.

In order to become a gentleman, it's important to style yourself as one. After all, we all should dress as the person we strive to be. Read on to learn how you can be a modern gentleman on the outside as well as the inside.

Get a Well-Fitting Suit

When you think of a gentleman, you likely think of someone in a suit. Suits are perfect for formalwear as well as professional uniforms. You can also cut a fine figure in one on a casual night out.

Regardless of the occasion, make sure that your suit is well-tailored. You won't look gentlemanly if it hangs oddly on your frame. Getting one or two suit jackets that accentuate your shoulders and body shape is better than many ill-fitting inexpensive ones.

Also, make sure that you're matching all components of your suit. Your tie needs to go well with your undershirt, and your belt should always match your shoes.

Wear a Great Watch

High-quality accessories are a great way to make any outfit high-class. A watch is no exception. This is because expensive watches are status symbols as well as functional timepieces.

Showcasing a brand name or a sleek, bold face makes you appear elegant and sophisticated. You can also match your watch to cufflinks and tie pins for a holistic look.

Make sure that your watch is an accessory that speaks to you. It's a huge part of your brand since you'll wear it every day. The colour and design should perfectly fit your needs so that you present your best self to the world each day.

Flatter Your Figure With Casual Wear

Even when you're going out casually, one of the top ways to be a gentleman is still finding clothing that flatters your figure. A tight, perfectly fitting tee will showcase your masculine form. It will flatter you way better than an oversized boxy T-shirt or small, too-tight top might.

Find comfortable shirts that go down to your waistline and don't ride up. Make sure that they're not so long that they cover your belt. It's also important that they cling to your shoulders and sides snugly without being awkwardly tight.

Button-ups are also great for casual everyday wear. Judge them by the same standards as T-shirts and remember that you can always tuck them in for a higher-class aesthetic.

Opt for Classic Designs

While trying to come up with a signature style may sound fun, it's best to start with the basics. Don't shy away from colours or patterns, but opt for timeless classic designs.

Once you know how to play with style like a gentleman, you can experiment with new cuts and designs. Initially, though, tradition is going to be your best friend as you find your footing in search of elegance.

Behave Like a Gentleman

Now that you know some tips to help you dress like a gentleman, it's time to get more information on looking your best each day. The Modern Gentleman is committed to providing you with more ideas on gentlemanly behaviour, lifestyle, and luxury. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality personal care products and accessories.

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