Men's Style Trends: What You Need to Know (2023)


The average British man spends more on clothing, shoes and grooming products than the average British woman. If you're a savvy modern gentleman, this is usually because you spend your money on well-constructed articles in classic styles. That said, there's no harm in updating your look with a few on-trend pieces.

And there will be a few significant shakeups in men's style this fall. To elevate your fashion game as we head into the tail end of the year, familiarise yourself with these fall-style trends.

Men Are Embracing Relaxed Fits

One of the finest luxury items any man can own is a hand-tailored suit. Every man should know the basics of tailoring. Not only does it allow you to ensure the best possible fit every time, but it can give you insight into emerging trends.

Case in point, the trend toward looser, relaxed fits over the slim cuts that have dominated menswear for a decade. Slim-fit suits, trousers, and blazers crept into men's fashion back in the 2010s. At the time, it was a throwback to some of the looks of the 1960s - think of the mod and dancehall subcultures.

In 2023, however, they've become the standard. It's not unusual to see politicians and pundits wearing slim-fit suits on the air or to official functions. That means that it's time for a shakeup.

The solution is a trend towards relaxed cuts.

Think of it as a chance to go even more traditional with your look. If the previous decade paid homage to the 1960s, then this decade will take us even further back in time to the 50s and even 40s.

Casual-Wear Is Everywhere

Much of fashion is dictated by the day-to-day outfits we wear to work. And while you should always dress to impress for interviews or important meetings, it's undeniable that broader workwear trends are skewing more casual.

Chalk it up to the COVID-era shift towards remote work. There's less impetus for the average worker to dress up when they don't plan on leaving the house.

That means that performance clothing will be a common sight in all settings. And there's no harm in integrating a more casual air into men's style. Just be sure to opt for upscale, well-fitted articles to keep you from looking sloppy.

Neutrals and Earthtones Are the Order of the Day

The 2010s saw a wave of 80s and 90s nostalgia that translated into a lot of fluorescent colours, gaudy patterns, and trashy cuts. Mercifully, that period appears to be over.

The current trend skews to a more understated look. Starting with a base of brown, beige, or khaki and then accenting the look with a pop of burgundy or blue is an easy look that anyone can pull off.

Refresh Your Wardrobe This Autumn

The turning of the seasons is an opportunity to breathe some new life into your fashion game. And while the modern gentleman should be wary of trends, you don't want to become out-of-touch. Keeping up with the times and preserving fine traditions are both key to the highest lifestyle.

One thing that never goes out of vogue is proper grooming. To look your best no matter what style is on trend, be sure to check out these luxury grooming products.

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