5 Tips for Dressing with Style for a Modern Gentleman


The kind of clothing you wear can have a huge impact on your perceived status, your confidence, and what kind of statement you make. Someone who puts no thought into their appearance may not consider how others respond to them. 

A true modern gentleman dresses in a way that showcases who they are to the world. They may wear luxury items to show that they have expensive taste. A gentleman may also utilise fashion trends to show that they know how to stay relevant. 

Here are five tips on how to dress in a gentlemen's fashion. 

1. Wear the Appropriate Size

One of the most important style tips you'll receive is to wear clothing that fits you well. This is most important with suits, as something too baggy or too tight won't look good on you. 

The same applies to your daily outfits, though things may vary depending on your style. Unless you're intentionally wearing something looser, always buy according to your current measurements. 

2. Buy Quality Basics

Dressing like a gentleman doesn't have to require an expensive suit and tie. You can find luxury options for t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses, and even socks. 

Buying higher quality clothing isn't just about the name on the tag. Better quality usually means that your clothing will last longer and look better than their cheaper alternatives. 

For example, some basic footwear you should invest in includes dress sneakers, a versatile loafer, and some durable boots. 

3. Accessorise

The right accessories can act as the final piece to tie together your outfit. Some of the most timeless pieces include necklaces, eyewear, and watches. Nowadays, you'll also see people rocking smartwatches. 

You can't go wrong with sterling silver chains or necklaces with darker stones. Aviator sunglasses are a popular choice that looks good all year long. 

If you choose to wear a hat, make sure that it's appropriate and stylish. Something like a fedora may give the impression that you're trying too hard. 

4. Colour Coordinate

Colour coordination doesn't have to mean wearing the same shade of blue throughout your entire outfit. In many cases, you may want to pair complementary or even contrasting colours together. 

You can use the colour wheel to find out what colours work best together. 

5. Take Care of Your Clothing

Finally, you need to make sure your luxury clothing doesn't wrinkle, tear, or develop stains. Adjust how you care for your items depending on their material and their purpose. 

For example, don't hang wool sweaters unless you want them to get stretched out. Always use the cold cycle when washing your more delicate items to protect them.

Modern Fashion and Luxury Grooming

Dressing in luxury like a gentleman doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. You'll look great as long as you buy the right size clothing, invest in quality items, and take care of your clothing. Accessories are the cherry on top, and colour coordination is simple. 

The Modern Gentleman has all the luxury grooming products you'll need to look and feel amazing. Check out our products online and contact us with any questions. 

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