Top Oral Care Tips for the Modern Gentleman


Taking care of good oral hygiene is important for the modern gentleman as it helps keep your teeth clean, makes you look fresh, and gives you that perfect smile you dream of.

Taking care of your teeth is an essential part of lifestyle, day by day, week by week. Don't give up on modern gentleman oral care when it'll keep you looking sharper than ever.

Here's your oral care guide for tips on how to live a life of luxury while keeping your teeth white and clean.

Spit It, Don't Rinse It

After brushing, don't rinse yet - there's fluoride still around that will protect your teeth and gums.

Fluoride-based toothpaste is really the way to go! It improves oral care, which makes your teeth less likely to suffer decay and will keep your gentlemanly smile looking great.

Spit it, don't rinse it. Having the extra bit of fluoride hanging around for that little longer is what it takes to work.

Cut Down on Sugary Snacks

Take a moment to think about your favourite snacks. Perhaps it's a Mars bar, some Dairy Milk, or a Snickers. Or maybe you're a sugary drink lover, and Coca-Cola is your thing. But ask yourself is this doing my teeth any justice?

Eat less sugar - it's one of the best oral care tips to follow! There's nothing that can make your teeth rot like a good old snack. It might taste good, but it can do a lot of harm.

Stick to a better diet, this will serve your teeth well. Eat three healthy meals per day and keep the snacks tucked away. Enjoy an occasional treat but don't let them take over.

Less sugar is better - if you want a gentlemanly smile and style, it's the way to go!

Clean for Two Minutes, Twice per Day

Brush early morning and late at night, twice daily for that perfect smile. This helps remove plaque build-up and helps you on your way towards wearing the smile of the day.

It'll remove any food build-up as well. Even when you're diet is healthy, a good dental hygiene routine makes all the difference - decay will stay out of harm's way.

Clean your teeth twice per day, and you'll be sure to keep the dentist at bay.

Toothpaste for the Modern Gentleman

With the right toothpaste, you can't go wrong. We've got a wide range available at The Modern Gentleman, just for you!

Choose from one of these to help give yourself that luxury smile:

The different flavours make your daily brushing habit not just healthy and keep your clean teeth, but tasteful and enjoyable too.

Buy Luxury Toothpaste Today

Dental hygiene shouldn't be a chore - it should be fun! That's why we've shown you how to change up your lifestyle routine to make maintaining oral hygiene easier.

Want to become a modern gentleman with an awesome smile? Try out our classic Marvis Orange Blosson Bloom Toothpaste today for the smile of your dreams.

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