Modern Gentleman: 3 Grooming Tips for Men


The concept of the "ideal man," or "gentleman," is changing constantly, and it's more true today than ever before. And, while everyone has a right to an opinion, some men want to bring back the classic chivalrous style that was so popular only a few decades ago. There's something special about the approach.

So, how do you become what some are calling the modern gentleman? Well, it's actually quite easy. That is, the first few steps don't require all that much effort. Interestingly enough, as well, they're very minute details. But, they can make all the difference.

Opening doors for your partner, inviting them for a night out, and speaking properly are a few attitudes to try. But, you should start with the various types of grooming for men. If you're looking to achieve that sleek, modern gentleman style, keep reading!

Becoming a Modern Gentleman

As stated above, becoming a gentleman is more than just a few attitude adjustments and grooming changes. Still, though, it's quite easy to take the first steps. And, while pinpointing the right grooming and style that best fits you might be difficult, you can still give the top 3 grooming tips a go right now:

  • Modern gentleman haircut
  • Picking a distinctive cologne and smell
  • Choosing the right attire

A Modern Gentleman's Haircut

The right cut for you might vary. So, you'll want to find a barbershop you can trust. Speak with the barber regarding the style you're looking for. Primarily, you want a shorter cut on top, and a 5'oclock shadow for your facial hair. For your facial fuzz, specifically, you'll also need a home kit for maintenance. That is, unless you want to visit your barber almost daily for a trim.

Achieving a Unique Gentleman Smell

The right scent is an essential part of being a modern gentleman. This one might be a bit tougher than the others, at least in terms of time investment. You'll have to visit a local perfume store and smell various types. Test what works with your skin, but always lean towards a more musky cologne.

Attire Fit for a Gentleman

Suits, ties, bows, and sleek shoes, are typically options that come to mind when you think about a gentleman. However, the range of clothing you can pick to achieve the modern gentleman look is much broader. In fact, it's easier than ever before.

You primarily want to achieve two things. These are cleanliness and a quiet appearance. Keep colours to a maximum of three for each outfit. And, of course, clean your clothing consistently. Oh yea, and make sure they're ironed!

One Step at a Time

In this article, you've looked at some of the best grooming tips for men. While they're not enough to fully grasp the essence of the modern gentleman, these steps are quintessential for anyone looking for that stoic and clean appearance. If you're just getting started, then you're in the right place. Build on these grooming tips, one day at a time, and you'll have results in no time.

Reach out if you have any doubts, or just need some additional guidance. Otherwise, hopefully this article provided some helpful information. If it did, make sure to look at some of the other posts on the site to continue your journey as a modern gentleman.

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