Men's Fashion 101: How to Style Your Everyday Wardrobe


Did you know that masculinity is mostly a cultural phenomenon rather than a genetic one?

This allows us to hone our style so that we put our best foot forward and demonstrate to women that chivalry isn't dead after all. Redefining masculinity starts with the wardrobe. This is due to the simple fact that when you look like a gentleman, you feel like one.

Are you ready to learn the ropes? Keep reading to learn how to style your everyday wardrobe.

Quality Over Quantity

The first rule of men's fashion is that it's much more effective to own a handful of high-quality pieces than it is to have dozens and dozens of cheap products.

Not only will the higher quality brands last longer, but they'll also look better. You're sure to receive more compliments on an expensive jacket ticking than if you bought something that was on the clearance rack of an outlet.

Get Your Suit in Person

When it comes to fashion for men, it's crucial to get a suit in person rather than online or elsewhere. Since a person's form can be quite wide-ranging, a pre-made suit will never fit you like a custom-fitted one.

It's hard to feel suave and attractive when your pants are too tight around the thighs or the hem of your sleeves come down to the second knuckle of your fingers. In fact, whether it's a suit or another clothing item, getting the right fit is half the equation of looking great.

Select a Signature Watch

A watch is not only a device that gives you the time. With more and more men using their phones to tell the time, wearing a watch is becoming a dying art. However, it's an essential men's style accessory that can have you standing out from the crowd more than ever.

There are many different watch styles to choose from, so it's worth reflecting on your personality and the kind of impression you want to make on others. No matter what you choose, make sure the watch fits your wrist correctly and that the watch's face isn't too big.

Belt or Suspenders

There are two types of men on this earth, those who prefer belts and those who prefer suspenders.

Whatever you do, never wear both at the same time because that's a true men's wardrobe faux pas and suggests you don't trust your own pants.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Style?

Now that you've learned how to style your everyday wardrobe, you can feel confident without investing hours getting ready in the morning. Being stylish can make the difference between taking on the world and being weighed down by it.

The Modern Gentlemen is dedicated to providing you with the latest and greatest products for being your best self. From skincare and beard care to hair care and home fragrances, women will surely compliment the new you.

Are you curious about some of our products in particular? You're welcome to reach outwith any questions you may have. 

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