Manscaping: Top Tips and Tricks


The male grooming industry was estimated to be with £500 million in 2019. It's a growing industry, and goes far beyond traditional products like hair wax and shaving tools.

The modern gentleman doesn't just take care of what is seen. You've probably heard of the term "manscaping" but what exactly does it mean?

Well, it's the care and grooming of the male body beneath the head. Yes, everywhere. But if you haven't "manscaped" before, where do you even start? 

You're in the right place to find out—stick with us as we give you some manscaping help.

Chest Hair

Whether you are looking for a silky smooth chest, or just want to tidy up an unkempt torso, it's a simple enough area to manscape.

Stick With One Comb Length

Because the chest isn't a totally flat surface, you might be tempted to try and change the comb length on your clippers as you go. This will leave you with a patchy-looking chest, so just stick with one comb length and take your time.

Going For a Full Shave?

After you've trimmed, take a shower to wash off the excess. Then, use plenty of shaving gel/foam and lather up. Gently shave the area with a fresh, clean blade, and be sure to take care when shaving around your nipples!

Rinse off the excess shaving gel, dry your chest and add moisturiser.

Pubic Hair

Knowing how to manscape downstairs is like a superpower for men.

If you can keep that area looking clean and fresh, you'll be confident whether you're fully clothed or completely naked. But where to start?

Trim then Shower

Just like with the chest, if your pubic hair is a little out of control, it's best to trim it before attempting to manscape it with a razor. This will allow you to see what you're doing and reduce the risk of nicking something (ouch!).

Don't Cross Contaminate

Don't use the same razor that you've used to shave your face, and vice versa. It's actually good practice to use a fresh razor each time you shave, or if you have manscaping products like clippers, clean them before and after use. 

Prepare For the Itch

When you shave your pubic hair, it will usually start to itch when it grows back. You can pre-empt and prevent this—using a hair conditioner right after shaving will moisturise both the skin and the hair.

Manscaping Harder to Reach Areas

Your back is harder to shave simply because you can't see it, or easily reach all of it. If you have a willing partner, problem solved! Tell them about the methods above—trim and shower before applying lather and saving.

But if you don't, you could use a back shaver which is often part of a manscaping kit. It's a specially designed piece of grooming equipment that allows you to reach those otherwise unreachable areas.

Are You Ready to Get Manscaped?

Nobody is too far gone to have a successful manscaping session. Sure, you might have some trimming to do before you can get down to shaping and shaving, but anyone can enhance the look of their physique with some care and attention to their body hair.

Why not take a look at some of our body care products to help you with your manscaping?


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