Jalapeño Cucumber Moscow Mule

Summer is arriving….well sort of. Currently as I’m writing this the forecast for the week is rain and thunder!  Ignoring the weather in Leicester, just picture this: it’s a nice, hot day, there’s a cloud in the sky casting some shade, and a light breeze in the background. The perfect summer day. You’re in your garden, the BBQ is cooking away those delicious recipes. You can smell the food, making your mouth water knowing it’s almost ready. At this point there should be a drink in your hand. You take a sip – ahhh – tastes like summer.  You ask, what is this oh-so-refreshing drink? Well, I’m about to tell you (and the recipe) so you concoct the perfect drink for the perfect day. A Moscow mule isn’t just about the taste but also the experience. Use a brass cup for this one (chilled to the touch, for that extra step). Filled to the rim with ice, it’s perfect on a summers day. We’ve added a little twist to this classic drink by adding a little kick to it, and some cool cucumber to balance it out. See the recipe below to make your own jalapeño cucumber Moscow mule (servings 4): 

Making The Mule

The cool and kick – cucumber and jalapeño 


  1. To make the jalapeño and cucumber mix, cut the cucumber and jalapeño into small chunks into a blender along with the 59ml of ginger beer.
  2. Blend until you get small chunks, but make sure it doesn’t turn to mush
  3. Using your chilled copper mug, put 1/2 cup of ice and throw in a quarter of a lime after you’ve squeezed the juice into it. Grab a few mint leaves, roll them around in your hand first and place them into the mug, add in about 1 tbsp of the cucumber jalapeño mix.
  4. Now the main ingredient, add in the 44ml cucumber vodka (you could use plain vodka too at this point, but the cucumber flavour adds to the taste) and the 120ml of ginger beer.
  5. Make that drink extra special by garnishing it with a slice of cucumber, jalapeño and some mint leaves.
  6. Enjoy!
Share your pics with us of your new Moscow Mule’s and let us know what you thought of it.

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