4 Timeless Facial Hair Styles for Men


Going back thousands of years, early humans used beards for intimidation and warmth. Throughout history, they have been used to show status, masculinity, and style. Today, beards hold many of the same purposes and there is a wide range of facial hair styles to choose from.

Many reports and surveys have found that women are more attracted to men with beards. One such survey found that women see men with beards as more socially and physically dominant than men who are clean-shaven.

In this blog post, The Gentleman’s Journal will break down 4 timeless facial hair styles for men. Let's get started.

1. The Beardstache

The interestingly-called Beardstache is a facial hair style that requires dutiful maintenance, though it is certainly worth the upkeep. It's a versatile option and is suitable for men with any face shape, from square to round and triangle.

The Beardstache consists of a beard trimmed to stubble with a full-length moustache. Growing out a robust moustache is necessary here to differentiate it from the rest of the facial hair. While it's a polarising look, when done right it can be a striking and impressive style.

2. The Van Dyke

A truly timeless style, the Van Dyke facial style is named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. It's best suited to round faces.

This facial style consists of a moustache and goatee that do not connect. The length often varies and wearers can choose the specific look that they prefer. It's been worn by celebrities such as Johnny Deep, David Beckham, and even Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.

3. The Full Goatee

The Goatee has an interesting history—it dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Also known as the Circle Beard, it's become hugely popular over the past 30 years thanks to the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downey Jr.

It's a great option, particularly for men with a square face shape. It doesn't require extensive maintenance outside of shaving around the circle to keep it looking crisp.

4. The Bandholz Beard

A longer style of full beard, the Bandholz best suits a round face shape. It is characterised by a moustache joined to a full beard. An urban and modern style, it is similar to the Garibaldi, though it isn't typically restricted to a specific length. 

This facial hair style takes longer than others to grow (a minimum of 6 months), though we guarantee that the wait it will be worth it. For men seeking a new take on a classic look, the Bandholz is highly recommended.

Timeless Facial Hair Styles for Men

There are many facial hair styles for men and the above list barely scratches the surface. We recommend that you take inspiration from some of your style icons and choose from beard styles that match your face shape. 

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