4 Style Mistakes That Men Make


Did you know that 84 percent of men care about wearing the wrong outfit for an event? While most people think men don't care about clothes or what they look like, for the majority, that's not true.

Style is important in every situation and can help you feel confident in the boardroom, on a date, on vacation, with family, or in any other situation. However, there are some common mistakes men make when it comes to fashion.

Keep reading to learn about those mistakes and style tips on how to avoid them.

1. Choosing the Wrong Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes for your outfit can make you look out of place and careless. Avoid wearing sandals with sporty clothes or sneakers with a suit.

When selecting a pair of shoes, keep in mind the following things:


Colour is a major factor when selecting shoes. Men should focus on darker shades, such as brown or black because they match most outfits.


When it comes to shape, the most common type of shoe men wear are loafers or oxfords. Loafers are great for men who want to look professional at work and can fit in with almost any outfit.

Oxfords look more professional than sneakers but can still be worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt. However, most men don't wear oxfords because they are less fashionable.

2. Wearing Too Many Patterns or Statement Pieces

This mistake is a common one that men make. When it comes to clothing, men should focus on simple designs. Stick to solid-coloured shirts and pants in dark, neutral colours.

Men can wear small patterns, such as thin stripes or small checks, but the patterns should complement the rest of the outfit rather than being the focus. Too many patterns or statement pieces can confuse the eye and cause people to lose their focus on your outfit.

3. Wearing the Wrong Ties

When it comes to ties, most men wear them improperly. They often wear a tie that's too long, too short or crooked. Wearing a tie that's too short or long makes you look shorter and taller, respectively.

You can check the length of your tie by placing the tie around your neck and holding one end so that one end is on top of the other. The length should be equal to the width of your hand.

In addition, you want to ensure your tie isn't too wide for your body. You can check your tie by placing the tie around your neck, holding an end in each hand and seeing if your fingers touch. Your tie should be the width of your fingers or slightly smaller.

Finally, your tie should be straight. You can straighten your tie by placing the tie around your neck, holding one end so that one end is on top of the other, and pushing one end down so that the tie becomes straight.

4. Mind Your Beard and Hair

Men with beards should make sure their beards are well-groomed. There are a lot of products on the market (such as beard oils) that you can use to help keep your beard healthy.

In addition, the just rolled-out-of-bed look for men's hair can make you look unprofessional and as if you didn't put any effort in. It's a good idea to use hair products such as hair gel and hair spray (that don't leave your hair crunchy) to get your hair looking neat and professional.

Make Sure Your Style Sends the Right Message

You can walk into any situation with confidence when your style is on point. Make sure you avoid the style mistakes we discussed above, and don't forget to mind your hair and beard. 

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