Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste (25ml)


Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste (25ml).

Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste (25ml) combines licorice from the Amarelli firm of 1731 with fresh mint for an elegant flavour.

  • Amarelli Licorice and mint Flavour
  • Intense clean for whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  • Made for heavy smokers, coffee and tea drinkers.
  • Available 25ml (travel size). See full description for more details.

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Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste (25ml) provides an intense clean and specially formulated for heavy smokers too. The Amarelli Licorice formula leaves your teeth feeling clean with an irresistible taste of classic mint for fresh breath and a whiter smile.

Fun Fact: Amarelli Licorice was made with Amarelli firm of 1731, combining licorice and mint for an elegant taste.

Just like our bodies, even teeth need specialised care and specific toothpaste. Marvis’ Range aims to create a revolutionary experience to brushing teeth. Not as a chore but as an experience to start your day the right way. Brushing your teeth with the same flavours become mundane and a task, but The Modern Gentleman believes your day should always start in a positive way. Experimenting with your morning routine doesn’t have to include unnecessary steps, a simple flavour change and a quality toothpaste brand can create the change needed to put a spring in your step. Marvis has renovated the toothpaste market with 40 years experience in the industry and their commitment to a better oral hygiene standard will leave your family members using your Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste in secret, because they really do brighten, clean, protect and taste better than your normal high-street brand. Marvis keeps smokers, tea and coffee drinkers in mind with their formulas too, providing a deeper clean. Try toothpaste the premium, luxury way, The Modern Gentleman way.

Marvis Toothpaste takes pride in delivering:
  • For over 40 years, the extraordinary toothpaste gives your users every day an overwhelming taste sensation
  • Fresh mint is the basis for intense and irresistible flavours
  • For a healthy oral environment, protected teeth, irresistible fresh breath and a bright white smile
  • For a bright, white smile with teeth claimed in particular in heavy smokers
  • Typical of all Marvin toothpastes of intense freshness kick of quality peppermint oil
  • Available in 25ml for travellers and those on-the-go.

Ingredients: Glycerin,aluminium,hydroxide,aqua,silica,aroma,cellulose gum,titanium dioxide,sodium lauryl sulfate,sodium,saccharin,sodium citrate,citric acid,hydroxycitronella,farnesol,benzyl alcohol

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