The World’s Best Wipe! Get 45 Dispersable all-purpose wipes for just £5.45! The perfect wipe for all occasions. Suitable for Ass, Crotch, Pits, Face & Face….and your kids too! Contains Vitamin E, fragrance free and alcohol free with aloe.

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Soothing chamomile and cucumber. Gentle enough for a baby!

Asswipes are bio-degradable moist towelette with special skin safe formula that’s infused with chamomile, cucumber, aloe and vitamin E to leave skin soft, smooth and clean.

Perfect for all occasions:

Public toilets, dirty kids, sports, gym/workout, traveling, campers, hikers, hunters, truckers, bikers, soldiers, firefighters, oil rigs workers or even a bear in the woods…If you can get dirty in life, a little asswipe can clean you up!