The new year is coming, and with the way things are looking some of us might still have to work from home and keep social distancing rules in place. This could be the new norm for at least the next few months before we get some sort of normalcy. 


We can all agree that 2020 has been a crazy year that we didn’t all expect and to live and spend more time with the ones at home. For some, this could be enough to drive us crazy! 


The year has felt like its merged into one big long weekend and before we know it its 2021. During this time it can hard to separate aspects of your life without letting stress get the better of you. We’ve listed out a few tips below to help you deal with the stress of working from home, spending family time and having time for you! 


It’s been tricky for me learning how to work from home and spend time with the family without going crazy at each other. I’ve followed the steps below to try and create some structure to my days but also to build on our relationship, personal development and career development. It’s been an opportunity for us to grow and be better! 


Don’t work where you sleep


The first one is a simple one and probably one you’ve heard before. But going to sleep and working in the same bed can be counter-productive and not create the separation for you in your mind of a place to relax, unwind and sleep and a place to work. Meaning you might not be getting a good nights sleep.


The best way to solve this is set up a place in the house which is your work station, at that place you only work and everyone else in the house needs to know when you’re sat at that spot you’re working and not to be disturbed. 


Sometimes it can be easier to buy a fold-up desk which you unfold when you start working and at the end of your working day, fold it up and put it away. Signalling to your brain that work is over and now it’s time for family or for yourself. 


This has been made easy with a spare room which has been converted into an office for us and a fold-up desk in the living room. This allows me and my partner to get on with our work without disturbing each other when we’re on calls.




Meditating is a great way to calm the mind, relax and destress. Either before you start your day, after you finish, or even when you just need to calm yourself, feeling anxious or down. This can be a great tool for that. 


Meditating without any guidance can be hard especially if you haven’t done it before or only do it here and there. We recommend using an app called Calm with its guided meditation functions its a great way to reconnect, recharge and destress.


I love using this app and have been using for the last few years now, I normally just use it anytime in the day when I feel like I need some peace and calmness in my life. Can be in the morning, after work or just a 10 min break between work to calm down after a stressful meeting for example.


You Time



Being surrounded by your family all day every day might be enough to drive some crazy, having that balance of going to work and meeting different people or your colleagues was a great way to break that all up. But now if you work from home, you might be with your family all day when you work and spend time with them seeing the same people every day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it can be used as a good way to catch up on lost time previously. 


But it’s also important to have some time for yourself. It can be something simple as just going for a short walk with just you and your headphones to give yourself a break from everything going on at that moment. Walking is a great way to calm yourself too! 


I like to walk to the shops to pick up bits and bobs for the house rather than drive, that 5/10 min walk is a nice way to get some fresh air and peace from home and any devices too. And other times some time gaming away.


Spending time with family 


Being in the same house as your family and working is not the same as actually spending quality time with them. To create some organisation and order to your life it’s a good idea to schedule in your working hours where you shouldn’t be disturbed wherever possible. Time in the evening that’s just focused on the family, could be watching a movie every night or playing board games etc. Then a longer activity over the weekend. 


Making sure you there with your family and spending quality time with them is very important for the relationship but also for everyone else in the family to and knowing they are able to spend some quality time with you. Could even be an activity you all do together like walking the dogs or going to the gym.


Staying active


That leads nicely onto the next point, looking after your health and staying active. If you’re not in strict lockdown and the gyms are open then that can be a great way to destress, feel good and healthy, and also to release all the feel-good emotions in your brain meaning you’re happier throughout the day doing everything else. 


If you can’t get to the gym then there are plenty of health apps now that can get the heart moving. For example, Apple just released Fitness + find a spot where you’ve got enough space and even if it’s just 30 mins per day you’ll feel that much better than if you didn’t. 


We’ve started using the app recently throughout the day when we need an energy boost and as a couple spend some time outside of home together walking the dogs or going to the gym.


Changing your eating habits will also help by giving you good energy by eating more healthier and better foods.


Feel good about yourself

Being at home all the time taking care of yourself might not seem as important as it did when you travelled to work or going out. But giving yourself a pamper before you start work can be a good way to boost morale and confidence. 

Simple things like smelling good throughout the day not for anyone but for yourself to feel good can be a good perk whilst working away. For example, using the Antica Barbieria Colla Eau De Cologne No 9 which you can get here. 


Styling your hair to feel good by using the Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade which you can get here or taking care of that beard so it keeps its smoothness by using the Apothecary 87 Beard Oil – The Original Recipe which you can get here. 



Overall there are many things you can do to avoid feeling stressed out with everything that has happened this year and could continue into next year. This list is not conclusive or definitive, you don’t have to do all these things but what works for you to keep your sanity. They’re maybe other useful tips you can do outside of this list. 


If you have any tips that work for you that can help others to destress then share them in the comments below! 

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