2021 is round the corner and its around the time to set your New Years Resolution. 

We can agree 2020 hasn’t really gone to anyone’s plan. Something we couldn’t prepare for and some of our goals might have gone out the window. And we don’t blame you if you didn’t stick to your plan this year.


With 2021 round the corner, we don’t really know what to expect, what will happen and how long this pandemic will continue. But instead of waiting to see what happens, plan what you can control and work towards achieving those goals regardless of what’s happening in the external environment. 


Personally, we don’t like to wait for a new year before setting goals to try and achieve because of tradition, doing it for a few a months and then forgetting about it altogether. Instead, we like to keep setting new goals and reviewing each month to see if we’ve hit that or see how close we got to it. Then to keep adapting and changing the goals to keep them relevant, fresh in our memory and a way to focus on what’s important for us.


Nevertheless, here are a few tips you can follow to create goals for the year, but remember to keep coming back to them, reviewing them and adapting them if needs be. 


Set a 12-month plan

The first thing is to create a plan for the next 12 months all the things you want to achieve in your personal life, family, spiritual, business/career. By plotting out goals for each month, using sticky notes so you can move it around if it’s unrealistic or if things change. Use it as a basic map of what you want to achieve no need to go into detail here. 


For example, when the next holiday is going to be how much it will cost. So you know your goal and how much you need to save from now till then to be able to go on this holiday. To go along with that it might be to get the summer body, so you might want to start going gym on a regular so you could put something like, by next month to be going gym at least 3 times a week. 


Using this will help you identify your goals that will help achieve your bigger goals. For example, by January 2022 we want to launch a new TMG product, so a few months before that we’ve got a goal to be planning for this product. Then we can go into the nitty-gritty when we get to that month to work out how we will be able to create and launch a new product. By doing that we will then know if the goal of launching the new product will be realistic to be launched by that month. 


It also gives us something to focus towards each month and know if we are hitting our goals that we have set ourselves. Do we need to adjust anything or change to be able to hit that goal, then we can assess why we didn’t hit that goal or if we do then what went well to be able to use that plan going forward for other projects. 


Create a mood board 

Creating a mood board is a great way of visualising all the things you want in your life. By creating a mood board of who you want to be, achieve and have given you something to work towards. Use it as motivation and a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing. 


The mood board can be used as a plan for your 12-month plan what you need to do each month in order to achieve these goals. 


It might feel strange creating a collage of images of things you want, but visually they help you focus on attracting and working towards the things you want. Making you more aware of them when you are tuned to them. For example, we’ve all experienced when we want something let’s say it’s a blue car, you finally get one and now you notice all blue cars around. It’s not that the blue cars didn’t exist before, you just become more tuned into focusing on what you want and therefore start noticing it more. 


But the importance of one is to give you motivation when you don’t feel like it. A reminder of the things you want and what you have to go through to achieve it. A sense of purpose because now you know what you are working towards. 

Breaks goals down

You’ve probably heard this before but creating big goals will seem daunting when you actually set to achieve them. So instead of the big goals you have in your plan, you can break them down into monthly, weekly and daily small tasks. This way it’s easy to achieve doesn’t seem daunting and every day you can feel a sense of accomplishment when you know you are getting closer and closer each day towards your goals. 


You can use daily planners and set 90-day goals to help you achieve your bigger goals. Using something like a journal such as This Is My Era will help you break down your goals. In addition, practising gratitude within that book will also help. Starting each day by acknowledging what you are grateful for starts your day and mood in a positive direction. 

Cover the basics 

When trying to achieve your goals it’s important to cover the basics and not neglect the simple things. For example, making sure you get enough sleep in the day. Take some time out for yourself to unwind and reflect. Look after your health, fitness and diet. Make time to spend with friends and family. Take time to meditate. Take up a hobby or a course that provides some value but something you can be proud of once completed. 


These things might not seem a big deal when creating resolutions, but if you don’t cover these basics then it will affect your productivity, mood and motivation. If that happens then achieving your goals will become harder. Rather than feeling like progress, everything will seem as effort and hard work.


Come 2022 the goals won’t have been achieved, you’ll be annoyed and set the same or similar goals again. The process repeats itself and creating resolutions become redundant. 


Therefore regulating and covering the basics will make it easier to achieve your goals and aspirations. The process will be enjoyable and even though hard at times you’ll have constant reminders of what you set out to achieve that year. Once you smash those goals, you’ll feel amazing about yourself. A sense of accomplishment. Then set bigger goals for the next year and be more motivated to smash them out the park. The process instead of being redundant becomes a superpower! 

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