I’m sure some of you already heard of the name Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson by now, he’s realised a new book not so long ago – Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter.


This year we wanted to add something extra to our Journal page, by providing book reviews. Books that we recommend, have read, and enjoy. These books will consist of fictional and non-fictional books. 


The reason we wanted to start this is books can provide an endless source of knowledge, inspiration, and enjoyability. This month we start it off with the latest 50 Cent book, which we finished reading this year. 


This book is not a big book to read and can be finished fairly quickly. The read of the book is very enjoyable, simple, and easy to understand. If you enjoy or read a lot of self-help books then this book is definitely for you.


We got a lot of inspiration from this book in regards to becoming a better person and going after what you want. In the scenarios in which Curtis explains where he got his lessons from, we can relate to a scenario in our past that describes that situation (although in less harsh circumstances).


Nevertheless, I believe you can gain a lot of useful information especially if you’re an entrepreneur or want to further yourself in your career. A lot of easy and digestible lessons to learn, digest, and apply immediately into your life. 


The main message from the book is to evoke the hustler spirit within you, so if you’re hungry like us and have great ambitions this is a good place to start. 


The lessons to be learned are:


  • Be fearless
  • Cultivate the heart of a hustler
  • Build a strong crew
  • Know your value 
  • Evolve or die
  • Shape perception 
  • Don’t be afraid to compete
  • Learn from your L’s
  • Avoid the entitlement trap


If you’re a fan of his music and journey then you already know his story, here it is broken down and what lessons can be drawn from the situations in the street to the board rooms. 


The modern gent always believes that everyone can provide something valuable that you can apply in your life to become a better version of yourself. This is a great place to start to learn from his lessons, upbringing, and experiences in business. 

You can purchase the book from here

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